Ad hominem
Advance fee scam
All-or-nothing fallacy
Anecdotal experiences
Anger argument
Appeal to authority
Axioms argument
Buffet analogy
Choice argument
Cognitive dissonance
Communists argument
Complexity argument
Confirmation bias
Cosmological argument
Devil argument
Difficulties of the theory
Dualism argument
Dunning-Kruger effect
Entropy argument
Evolution is compatible assertion
Evolution is not science assertion
Existence demands explanation
Explaining away
Explosion analogy
Faith argument
Faith in science
Faith healings
False dichotomy
Fine-tuning argument
Free will argument
Gaps in the fossil record
God-of-the-gaps argument
Good effects of religion
Ignorance, argument from
Improbability argument
Incredulity, argument from
Irreducible complexity
Joystick hypothesis
Judgment argument
Laminin argument
Laundry list of arguments
Mind-body problem
Morality argument
Near-death experiences
New God Argument
Non-overlapping magisteria
Ontological argument
Pants-on-fire argument
Pascal's wager
Perspective argument
Placebo effect
Postmortem compensation
Prophesies argument
Purpose of life
Reason, argument from
Religious method
Religious scientists argument
Science changes fallacy
Shifting the burden of proof
Simulation argument
Supernatural immunity
Teleological argument
Theory/proof fallacy
Timeline of history
Trancendental argument
Uncertainty argument
Vain, taking name of God in
Volunteer clergy argument
Watchmaker analogy
Witness-based arguments