Tesla's Tangle

An obscure anomoly in the fabric of time brings six brilliant inventors together. Each believes that it was his own invention that resulted in this strange but monumental feat of science. Now, in order to prove his intellectual dominance and secure his name in the anals of history, each inventor must untangle the mess that formed when their respective electric devices fused. Which inventor was truly the genius that stumbled across the secret to opening the portals of time? Will he be able to make it work again before his competitors can take credit for the feat? Or will you outsmart them all and rewrite history in your own way?


Every lab, server-room, starship, or dungeon where geeks are prone to gather needs a copy of the Tesla's Tangle board game. This German-style strategy game will turn any party into a mental war-zone.

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The board game contains:
  • 25 marker pieces
  • A score board
  • Over 100 unique game tiles
  • Instructions, and
  • A handsome box

  • Each game is hand-crafted by the original designers. These first-edition copies may be worth a lot someday,
    so support designer-games and buy several!

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    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows or Linux
    CPU: 600MHz or faster Processor
    RAM: 128 MB
    Download our free electronic version of Tesla's Tangle and match your wits against one of six artificially intelligent opponents. This free download also supports playing against your friends over a local network or online!

    Why do we give away the electronic version for free? We're so confident that you'll get hooked and want to play against your human friends that you return and buy the board game. And if the electronic version is good enough for you, well, at least you're helping to promote our efforts every time someone sees you playing it!


    Are the artificially intelligent opponents too easy for you? Would you like to play against really intelligent humans? Don't have any friends with whom you can play the board-game version?

    Coming soon ...an online version of Tesla's Tangle!

    Just click here. Where? Well, it's not here yet, but it will be soon.

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