Local Issues

Revival of County Fair

Click to see original imageOld-timers will recall
when Utah County had some
great county fairs.
But this county – second-
ranking in Utah in
population and first in
agricultural income –
hasn’t had a fair since 1939.
After that year it turned its
fairgrounds facilities over
to the fledgling Central Utah
Vocational School.
forerunner to today’s Utah
Technical College.
Thus it was good news
when the Utah County-
Commission approved plans
Friday to reactivate the
County Fair in the
bicentennial year of 1976.
The proposal to have a
fair was made by a group of
interested persons beaded
by Ralph Horne, county
extension agent.
County commissioners
indicated the former
fairgrotmds cannot be used
for a site. Some of the old
buildings fell into disrepair
after the school vacated the
property, and the area
reverted to Provo City. The
one remaining building is
now used as a maintenance
facility for the Provo City
Parks and Recreation
Department and the
grounds have become part
of the Timpanogos Golf
Pending long-range
development of a
permanent county fair site,
existing community
facilities will have to be
used, it was indicated.
One of the first tasks will
be appointment of a fair
board to get the planning
under way. A committee
has been appointed to make
recommendations for
membership on the board
and suggest areas where
fair activites might be held,
and possible dates.
The Herald believes the
idea of a county fair will be
well-received. Utah County
has the agricultural –
industrial products, the
technology, and the civic
spirit to produce some great
We suggest careful
studies of other county fairs
and close coordination as to
dates so that our fair doesn’t
conflict with fairs of
neighboring Wasatch and
Juab Coimties, nor withthe
state fair.
A great deal of
enthusiasm was generated
tin the county fair idea by
those attending Friday’s
meeting. That kind of spirit ,
is the first requirement to
make an undertaking like
this really successful.
So They Soy
“I sometimes think that
what the United Nations has
managed to do is more
remarkable than what it has
failed to do, when you
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