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Q and A

By: Mike Gashler

In this 3-part YouTube podcast, I answer a bunch of philosophical questions.

Part 1

  • 0:00 Do you think machines can really be intelligent?
  • 1:45 When do you think machines will be more intelligent than humans?
  • 7:20 What is intelligence?
  • 9:55 How can machines learn to balance priorities like humans?
  • 15:55 How could we build consciousness if we don't yet understand it?
  • 17:35 What components do you think are needed for conscious machines?
  • 26:40 What does that mean for society?

Part 2

  • 0:00 Do you believe in God?
  • 6:10 What do you think reality is?
  • 9:05 Do you think reality was created?
  • 13:25 Do you believe in space aliens?
  • 16:25 How do you decide when to listen to science vs. religion?
  • 18:50 How could science say anything about the supernatural?
  • 22:25 How do you explain the complexity of biological life?
  • 24:10 Where are all the transitional fossils?
  • 26:15 How did the first life form?
  • 30:25 What caused the Big Bang?
  • 32:15 Doesn't the Second Law of Thermodynamics prove the Universe had a beginning?
  • 35:35 Do you believe in free will?
  • 39:10 What is your basis for morality?
  • 41:45 Do you really think society is alive?

Part 3

  • 0:00 How do you determine what is true?
  • 4:40 Don't you put faith in science?
  • 8:40 How can a person be lying if they believe what they claim?
  • 10:45 Do you suppose God will excuse your unbelief?
  • 13:35 How do you explain spiritual experiences?
  • 17:50 How can there be good without God?
  • 21:50 Would you share why you believe what you believe?