Jamie Gashler

Wherever you go, go with all your heart

About Jamie

Jamie ran XC for 4 years in Junior High & High School in Springdale, AR

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Jamie loves the Legend of Zelda video games and the fanart.

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Jamie has been coding since she was 10 years old. "Jamie The Red Magnificent" was her first video game, made entirely in HTML.

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Jamie enjoys cosplaying in steampunk, Legend of Zelda & medieval fashion.

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Just a Nerdy College Student Living Life to the Fullest.

Jamie graduated High School as a Junior, and is now strengthening her CS skills through school and creating various apps & games.

She is passionate about finding solutions to difficult problems, helping others, and doing crazy stuff for fun.

In her free time, Jamie runs cross country, programs, participates in community service, remakes fanart, cosplays, contemplates philosophy, and plays the piano.

Coding Languages

if (Dead)

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 - Java

   Eclipse, Repl it, MyCanvas, Scratch & more!

 - Javascript


 - Python

 - MySQL


Code & Games

Check out some of Jamie's code & games she's worked on over the years!

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Art Gallery

Jamie loves being creative and crafty. Check out some of her artwork here!

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Jamie's Blog

Jamie posts thoughts on religion, projects, and announcements here.

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About Me

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If you want more details, meet me in person and we'll have a nice chat over a cup of apple cider.