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Jamie Has found a player 2!!!

**Dum da da da da** You got a boyfriend!
Jamie has gone into the wild and captured a fellow nerd to go on crazy adventures with. :D

Just wanted to make an official announcement, and so anyone who's reading this can know, I found the sweetest, most-relatable guy I've ever met about 4 months ago. We started playing games together, philosophizing, bonding over common interests & values, and ever since, life has been absolutely amazing. Funny how you don't know what you've been missing until you find it.
Love you Efrain ❤

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A Short Philosophy Paper on Objective Morality

Heya peeps! I took a summer class on Philosophy and fell down some fascinating rabbit holes on truth vs knowledge, how we ought to act towards one another, how we as humans can live truly meaningful lives, and so much more.
So recently I decided to write on my views on objective morality.
*DISCLAIMER* This is a very informal paper haha. Unlike your typical 5-paragraph essays that are written for English class, philosophy can be written in more of a conversation style.
The goal of a philosophy paper is not to prove a point or simply argue for one side of a debate, but to seek truth.
Originally, when I wrote this, I received feedback that I went off on too many tangents. Here is my abbreviated philosophy on what could be a basis for objective morality.
If you are still curious or have questions, I recommend researching more on Euthyphro's Dilemma. Feel free to reach out to me via the contact page as well!

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Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Yooo. I've finally got my own place and things are going very well so far!
I'll keep you guys posted if anything interesting happens.
Have a fun, and safe, 4th of July!
Melt those icebergs in a fiery blaze! Jk. Global warming is bad... (But c'mon. Fireworks are so friggin' cool!!)

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Artificial Intelligence is cool

People keep talking about DALL-E 2 so I wanted to join the fun. :)
This is DALL-E mini, an earlier version. This means lower quality, but is still pretty awesome.

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My face when the internet is down all day 😡

I was so bored.

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Random thoughts at 11PM

I guess this is my new outlet for whatever I'm thinking late at night. Hehe

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I'm training an AI to play the classic game, Snake!

Hello, meet Rémi: a Reinforcement Learning based AI that learns how to play Snake. I'm going to be running tests, collecting data, and improving it, until Rémi can reach 100 points consistently! This program was made using a few different platforms including: Python, Anaconda, PyTorch, and IPython.

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Hi Mom, I'm Agnostic

As many of you know, or just learned a few seconds ago, I do not adhere to some of the practices and beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I had been a steadfast believer and advocate of the religion for most of my life and only recently proclaimed myself agnostic, admitting that I cannot say with 100% surety that all the teachings of the church are true. Please note that these opinions and beliefs are mine as of December 2021 and are subject to change as I learn more about this world we live in.

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I'm starting a blog!

Umm, if anything interesting comes up, and I want to share it with everyone, I'll put it here. We'll see how this goes.

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Who's Excited for BOTW 2?

I'm really excited for the new Breath of the Wild video game Nintendo is making. I absolutely loved the first one, so I can't wait for the next one! (Even if I have to wait a few years to play it.)

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I am pretty new to this, and I'm really only writing this for myself atm. If you have any tips and want to share, I'm all ears.