Stuff I've done over the years

 - Three awesome kids, Jamie, Talia and Evan
Computer Programmer
  - Degree in Computer Science from University of Washington
  - Independent contractor
  - Databases, in-house apps, backend servers, video games, data scraping, all programming languages
  - Music: Acting, Singing, Piano, Harp
  - Art: Card making, Painting, Furniture making, crocheting blankets, cross-stitch, photography, sewing, quilting
  - Literature: Sci-Fi Book writing, journaling, scrapbooks
  - Boardgames: Miniature painting, D&D, Gloomhaven, Chess, Boggle
  - Reading: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Romance
  - Video Games: League of Legends Gold Support, Platinum TFT, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Mario, Castlevania
  - Metal Shop: Car maintenance, Chainmail
  - Religious: Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, seminary teacher
  - Dragons
  - Languages: Fluent french, beginning Arabic
  - Family history:, NLC articles
  - Cooking: Hydroponics, Bread making, Sushi rolling, Bento


In an effort to provide samples of some of my projects, here are some download links


Armor UP


Motivate yourself to achieve your goals!
Small daily goals lead to large life changes. And there's an adorable Poro! What's not to love?

Simon 1.0

A sci-fi speculative fiction novel.
What would the world be like if all the androids in the world were copies of just one man?

Niels LaVerl Christensen

Articles by
Niels LaVerl Christensen

My husband's grandfather was the editor of the Provo Daily Herald for 30 years. Here is a sample of his articles that I have scanned and preserved.

Metro Gnome

Metro Gnome

Tired of trying to help your students set their metronomes over zoom? Here's a quick web-app that will allow you to control the metronome on someone else's computer!

Craftsy Projects

Some Pictures of a few of the crafsty projects I like to get involved in.


Can you find the adorable bunny in this picture? How long does it take?