Jamie Gashler

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Coding Projects

A web-based adventure story with 100+ scenes. What will Jamie do when she encounters a dragon?

The Sequel to JTRM, with animated scenes, more fun, new friends, and so many different paths!

A compilation of coding projects done in Scratch.

A game that is still in the making. (Playable but contains a few game-breaking bugs)

A short adventure story that takes you on a journey with Samuel de Champlain. What would it be like to live in Quebec (Kabec) in the early 1600s?

Not for the faint of heart. This is a timer that counts down the days, hours, minutes, seconds, miliseconds to the estimated date of Jamie's death... If she lives a healthy life.

A Java program that simulates creating, purchasing and selling stocks

A Java Program that displays the resistance of a circuit with set parallels, resistors, and serials.

A Java program that prompts the user to input a city in the US, and it will display [number] cities & their distances.

A Java program that displays the currency exchange rates between different countries that exist.

A simple algorithm to translate every day words into Pig Latin.

A simple algorithm to print 5 random numbers forward and backwards.

A simple program that allows the user to input any short phrase to encode and the number of letters the phrase should be shifted.

An optical illusion made using the Python turtle library.

An optical illusion made using the Python turtle library.

Some basic shapes made using the Python turtle library.

My Experience

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I have spent a large portion of my life learning to program both privately and through public education. As an instructor and tutor teaching Computer Science and coding, these are some of the many projects I have done over the years.