A machine learning toolkit

Language: C++
Platforms: Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.
License: CC0 (Public domain)

Main developers:

GitHub Site

    Overviews and build instructions

  1. Overview of Waffles
  2. Building on Linux
  3. Building on OSX
  4. Building on Windows
  5. Using the waffles_wizard utility
  6. Change log
  7. List of contributors
  8. Generated Usage Docs (like man pages)

  9. waffles_audio
  10. waffles_cluster
  11. waffles_dimred
  12. waffles_generate
  13. waffles_learn
  14. waffles_plot
  15. waffles_recommend
  16. waffles_sparse
  17. waffles_transform
  18. waffles_ts
  19. Usage Examples

  20. Data Formats
  21. Visualizing Data
  22. Examples of using supervised learning
  23. Dimensionality Reduction
  24. Collaborative filtering
  25. Document classification
  26. Programming with Waffles

  27. Generated API Docs for the GClasses library
  28. Getting started coding with Waffles
  29. Overview of the demo apps
  30. Representing your data with the GMatrix class
  31. Coding with supervised learners
  32. Developing a new learning algorithm
  33. Serialization
  34. Adding a new tool to Waffles
  35. Overview of the most useful classes for ML
  36. Bayesian belief networks
  37. Neural networks
  38. Contributing to Waffles

  39. How to submit a bug report or feature request
  40. Contributions that would benefit this project
  41. Getting the latest source code from our Git repository
  42. How to become a developer on this project
  43. How to cite Waffles
  44. External resources

  45. A list of some free resources for learning about machine learning
  46. Some sources of data
  47. A big list of open source machine learning software