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Dr. Clark: A Job Well Done

Click to see original imageBy any yardstick, Dr. Da Costa Clark is a super scouter and the Utah National Parks Council is fortunate to have had him as its president for the past 11 years. Dr. Clark, Provo oral surgeon well-known for his leadership in church, civic, and fund-raising activities, was elected to the honorary position of “president emeritus” at the recent annual meeting of the council, capping his long service as president. .1-lis successor in the top post is Dr. Raymond E. Beckham, grofessor of communications at righam Young University. Dr. Beckham doubted, in his acceptance speech, whether “anyone can fill Dr. Clark’s shoes.” But as a past vice president and with a li etime record of scout leadership, he has some stron credits of his own. Indeed, witg his election along with a capable corps of vice presidents and others in top leadership, the council should continue in good hands. Dr. Clark, with service and dedication beyond the call of duty, has headed a corps of nearly 10,000 volunteer men and women scouters in the Utah National Parks Council headquartered in Provo, A Boy Scout leader of long experience, he holds the Silver Antelope, highest regional award bestowed by the Boy Scouts of America, given by the western states region; and the Silver Beaver, top council award. But his everyday credentials have been his indomitable spirit, his dedication to high principles, and his willingness to work, travel, speak, organize, or tackle any task that would further the work of scouting. His job – and that of the hundreds of co-workers in the farflung district he headed – has been to help boys become good citizens – “physically strong, mentally- awake, and morally. straight,” Area-wise, the Utah National Parks Council is one of the largest in the nation, covering all of Utah south of the Point of e Mountain (including the Uintah Basin) and dipping into Arizona and Nevada. With the combined work of the volunteer scouts and the professional staff of 17 men and 8 women headed by Scout Executive Fred R. Day, the council is also a leader from the standpoint of performance, Within its boundaries are some 27,000 scouts in the four categories – cubs, scouts, varsity, and explorer. Men and women volunteer scouters traditionally serve without pay. Indeed they pay their own expenses and give of their time, talents, resources and whatever it takes to accomplish the job. Dr. Clark and the corps of officers and scouters associated with him in the past 11 years, have the finest tradition. Their pay is their satisfaction in a job well done. Deeper than that, as Dr. Clark has said, the greatest thrill comes from seeing scouts develop such traits as honesty, self-reliance, loyalty and leadership and become “leaders of tomorrow.” Indeed, that truly makes it worth the effort. So They Suy “If it continues going, going up, it will create such a distortion in our economy that we will have a combination of both inflation and recession? – Milton Friedman, Nobel prize-winning economist, warning that some kind of U.S. economic recession due to mounting inflation ls inevitable. “It was hard to believe that something so large was lost for such a long time, but that’s what happened.” – Jack Horkelmer, of Mlami’s Museum of Science, talking about n 4-foot-tall, $150,000 Indian elephant replica left for two weeks in a storeroom at a London airport. It was part of a treasure display shipped from India. “It’s the most arbitrary and capricious use of executive power I’ve ever encountered.”