$2.2 trillion debt will bring ‘dry statistics’ painfully home
$60 Billion Owed U.S.”
‘ Inns of Court’ Pioneered Here
‘April Fool’s Concert’ Gets Roaring Approval Of Capacity Audience
‘Ashton Tower’ Has a Long, Distinguished History
‘Chris’ Retires After 30 Editor Years
‘D-Day’ Occurred 36 Years Ago
‘EngIish’ Amendment Proposal Merits Our Study
‘ExempIury Public Service’
‘Fed’ Helps Feed lnflation
‘Freeze’ Too Serious for Politics
‘Get Involved’ Philosophy Pays Off For Ex-Official of Utah County
‘HeIp Wanted’ in Juab
‘Inn’ Proiect’s Real Progress
‘Instunt Criticism’ May Have Lusting Eff-acts
‘Jack’ Tackett Served Us Well
‘Key’ to Curbing Cor Theft
‘lnns of Court’ Picneered Here
‘Mike Jense Day’ in Provo
‘Mike Jenso Day’ in Provo
‘More Blessed to Give…’
‘Muke Punishment Fit Crime’
‘Old GIory,’ National Anthem Worthy of Emotion
‘On Threshold of Rec1Iity’
‘Pr0cIuim Liberty . . .’
‘Rock of GibroItor’ UdoII’s Worthy of Emulation
‘Seniors’ Are One of Our Greatest Resources
‘Shot Heard Round the World’
‘The First Hundred Yeurs’
‘The Quality of SurvivuI’
‘Timel to Quash Dollar Waste
‘Tiny’ American Flags ‘Giant’ Support For POWs
‘Unseen’ Benefits Average $7 17
‘Vusco M. Tanner Day’
‘Whut ls Mine Is Yours’
‘With Pomp and Purude’
‘Write Your Congressmen’
‘Y’ Loses cz Friend, Leader
‘Y’ Student Housing Issue
‘Yes, Virginia… There ls A Santa Claus’
10th President of LDS Church
129th Provo Anniversary
14 Presidents Who Won Two Terms
2 Challenges to Voters
20-Year Anniversary
3-Term Utah Governor – Rampton Era Closes
4′ /L//ja Fuscinuiing Tdle of Archives
4-City Sewage Disposal Plan
42% Vote in Primary
76% Turnout of Voters
A ‘PubIic Health Miracle’
A College and Its Alumni Pay Homage to a Former Teacher
A CUP Challenge – Again
A Duty cmd ci Privilege
A Fete for Disabled Congressmen
A Free Press: Dem0cracy’s first defense
A Good Way to Help the Elderly
A Judge’s Message On Freedom From Crime
A Legend in His Time
A look at early newspupering reflects publishing progress i
A Mun on the Moon
A Pitifully Light vote
A Salute to 106 Years Of Provo Newspapering
A Salute to Agriculture
A sampler of reactions
A Scout Anniversary Salute
A Snappy Salute to Scouters
A Solution to Jommed Joils
A step toward recovery
A surplus so small it’s a deficit
A Valley lndustry Expands
A Week With u Message
A Year Ago, Reagan Was Shot
Abe Assassination Anniversary Noted
Abortion Ruling ci Good Move
About Crime Rise: How Concerned Are You?
Abuses Hurt Handicapped
Accord Crucial in New Arms Talks
Add – Off the beat …
Adjust Driving for Winter
Adopt Missing Childrcn’s Act
Adventure Close to Home
Adventures in Reading
Adversity takes toll
Afghanistan Needs Our Support
Air Crush Sudclens Valley
Air Troffic Controllers Asked for Woes
Airing of Puy Issue Urged
Alpine School Bond Vote
American Flag: What Does Ii Mean to You?
American Pride Rings in Space Shuttle Success
Americans Can Help Reagan
Americans Have ‘Hcad H’ With IRS
Americans’ Happiness Glowing
An Alarming Situation
An Earlier School Settlemenfs Virol For Public
An Effective Intelligence Operc1ti0n’s Imperative
An upgrad5″BfEi”?”J””7in”i’FFiV
Analysis Shows Water Projects Value
And Poems After 80
Anether Alternative to Trctditicn:Prefubricuted Homes
Anniversaries Noted This Month
Anniversaries uYr%%de Day For Indians, Old Maids, Flag
Anniversary of airlift noted
Another Fine July 4 Festival
Another historic occasion occurs at the Tabernacle
Another Look at Custer: Was It Battle or Suicide?
Another UVIDA Milestone
Another Uvidu Milestone
Anthony Dollar Frienclless
Anti-Drunk Driving Drive Grows
Anti-Fraud Hotline Good Ideo
Anti-Shcplifting Drive
Apathy c1tSpecicat Elections
Are Our Courts Too Lenient?
Are We on Right Track in Caribbean?
Arloitrotion Could Empty Courts
Article Tells Affordable Alternatives in Housing
Asphalt Road Recycling
At Four Corners – Needed: Visitor Center, Park
At Lust! Help for the Victim
Attend Legislator Meetings
August: Marriage Month
Auto Repair Complaints
Autos Trade Needs Fairness
B.E. ‘Bye’ Jensen
B.M. Jolley, Orem Leudeii
Baldness: the bare facts
Ballot Overprint – Waste of Tax Dollars
Bankruptcy Act Warrants Study
Bankruptcy Reform BYII Vital
Bath Candidates Can Do Better
Be Extra Careful Now
Be Le-ery of Get Rich Deals
Be Proud Of Noble Turkey
Beat Doldrumsz Spruce Up Yards
Beautification: You Bet! / Hathaway Suited for Post
Begin Primaries Reform Now
BeII’s Big Boost to Education
Bell Decision Right in Sex Discrimination Lows
Benson’s Days of Valor Salutes War Veterans
Berlin Airlift Reminder of Fight for Freedom
Berlin Wall Has Blocked Freedom for 20 Years
Berlin Wall marks 20ih anniversary
Beware the Special Interests
Bicentennial of National Bird this year
Big Flags Underscore Spirit
Bill of Rights 190 Years Old
Bills Would Alter Prison Lows
Blessings of Home, Family
Blessings of Home, Family
Blessings, Responsibilities Of Freedom Stressed in Talk Cited by Foundation
Blue Ribbon Invitation
Blue-Ribbon Neighbors
Bond Election in Poyson
Book Recalls Earhart Tragedy
Boston moons more = Celtics, Bruins or loiw
Bouquets to 2 PR Chiefs
Broad Public Service
Budget Ceiling Seen Unwise
Budget Restraint Measure Merits Consideration
Budget Still Not Balanced Yet
Bundy Case in Spotlighht
Bureaucracy Battle Real Test
Burns o Boost for Bonn, U.S.
Business Must Fight Crime Too
Business Needs Better Image
Business, lndustry Must Bridge Education Gap
Buying House, Truly cs Dreamy
BWNBY Clark Leaves Heart Legacy
Campaign gaining speed for repeal of amendment
Can any issue or goal be worth a nuclear war?
Can U.S. Debt Be Bridled?
Canal Vote in Retrospect
Canal Vote in Retrospect
Candy Smiles
Canyon Highway Hearings
Canyon Oil Truck Accidents
Canyon Road Lighting
Carpool: Check Benefits
Carter Decision Awuited
Carter Deserves Our Good Wishes
Case for ‘Gcod Munn:-ars’
Caution on Job Juunt
Central Utah Treat
Central Utahns Qualified For Supreme Court Post
Changing Utah’s State Song
Cheating We-ukens the U.S.
Chief Justice Warren E.Burger may have signalleda future trend in proposingthat more non-criminallawsuits be taken to ar-bitration because of anoverload of state andfederal court cases.Addressing theAmerican Bar Associationin Chicago. Burger saidthat from l940 to 1981. thenumber of cases filed an-nually in federal districtcourts jumped from 35 000to 180,000.Despite periodical in-creases in judgeships un-der omnibus legislation.Burger said it is clear that”the federal and statecourt systems are in-
Christensen Wins Freedom Award
Christmas Day, 1977
Christmas: Day of Days…
Church Loses 2 Leaders
Citizen Responsibility In Provo-Orem Election
Citizenship Day”. …C0nstituti0n Week
City Employee Residence
City-Citizen Partnership
Clark’s Legacy in Heart Program
Clean Air Acts Needs Cleanup
Clean cir versus necessities
Cleveland, Only ‘Split’ President
Clyde: Muster Builder
Colleogues Loud John Rhodes
Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show
Commission Hos Big Chollenge
Common Situs Picketing Not in Public Interest
Community to Miss Old Friend
Congress Heeds Pressure on Tux Break
Congress Likes Caribbean Plan
Congress Must Quickly
Congress must act… or improve plan
Congress Pension Boost?
Congress Prints Local Items
Congress, Freeze Workers’ Wages
Congressional Pay Raise
Congressional Puy Issue
Congressional Record: Repository of fact and effusion
Constitution 197 Years Old Today
Consumer Hos Some Power, Too
Convention Was Quite a Show
Cool ‘Impeachment Hysteria’
Costly, Unnecessary Delays
COTIQTCQS Talks u Lot About Spending
Counterfeiting Rises in U,$,
County Fair in Retrospect
County Zoning Hearing – Extra Session Encouraged
Crime Control Responsibility Begins in Home
Crime registers largest jump in 12 years
Crime: Ever-Urgent Problem
Critic Praises Young Artists Concert
Crucial Bonneville Unit Test
Cruckdown on Burglurs
Crum for Nov. 2 ‘Exum’
Curb Crime Show Viewing
Curb Red Ink Spending – Economic Stability: A Major Issue in Tuesday’s Election
Cut Wusteful Spending
Cuts Not Deep Enough Yet
d;Asiiit5HMiT$WElt’ Hus cs Long, Distinguished History
Daily Herald Names Managing Editor
Dangers in Winfer Driving
Daylight Saving Time Extension Merits Thought
Death, Injury, Dollar Loss
Debate on College Salaries – Public’s Right to Know
Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy
Decide now on qualities in your choices for public office
Declaration and Resolve
Deep-Secs Search for Fuel
Delighted With Warning
Delta Arts-Literacy Section Honors Two Local Residents
Deserved Recognition
Despots out to Get Free Press
Detoured by Inflation
Deurth of Bicycle Racks?
Deuth of Hubert Humphrey
Devoted City Official
Differences on County Board
Diligent Public Official
Discipline in the Schools
Distinguished Cureerus Judge
Distinguished Utah Jurist
Divided Berlin: Lesson in Freedom
Dog Bites Costly for Postmen
Dollar Worth 39.7 Cents
Don’! Leave it For George
Don’? Leave Youngsters
Don’t Let It Huppen Here
Don’t Misgni-Ieuring
Don’t Store Gasoline
Double Reason to Stop
Dr. Clark: A Job Well Done
Dramatic Story Chronicles Heroes of War
Drinking Drivers Still Kill
Drop George? Time to Protest
Drug Abuse Problem in Valley
Drug Smuggling LegisIotion’s o Move Forward
Drunks Misusing Bunkrupt Law
Dumping Should Be Eliminated
Eagle Bicentennial Approaches
Earlier Teacher Contracts
Early inauguration would out lame ducks
Early Photographer Captures History of Provo
Economic Realities Vital
Economic Stability: A Major Issue in Tuesclayls Election
Educution NeedsTOBe Upgrhded
EEE Povlite Teamwork
Eimmeful Parks Conduct
Election Day Registration
Election in Retrospect
Election in Retrospect
Election in Retrospect
Election Turnout – Small Cities Set Example
Eleventh LDS President
Endless Appeals Keep Condemned Alive
Enduring Greatness
Energy Deregulation Working
Enforce Stronger Penalties for Early Retirement
EPA Right in Eusing Regulations
EPA Should Give Go-Ahead fo Geneva Clean Air Plcm
Especially in America”.
Evaluate Property Tax
Evaluate Property Tax – Good Place to Cut
Evaluating New Crime Report
Executives’ Secretaries, Bosses Guests of Herald at Firm Night
Export Legislation Deserves Our Consideration
Extra Session Encouraged
FAA Should Cut Expenses
Fair Pluy on ERA Extension
Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word
Family Farm Still Stable
Family: Still the Cornerstone
Famous False Teeth Not Wood
Fascinating Tale of Archives
Father of Rockets Deservegwtltmehgheg
Favorable Job Picture
Ferraro Could Liven up Senate
Festival in Retrospect
Filing Deadline Coming
Filing Deadline May I0
Filing Time in Provo
Fires in California Tragic
Fiscal Faults Neecl Correction
Fiscal Responsibility
Flag Day Support High in Area
Flag Day, a Time to RecaII Creed
Flood Prevention Steps Vital
Flooding on Ogden Bench
Flying Flug at Half-Stuff
Focus on City Elections
Folks Behind the Festival
For Better Heurt Health
For Devoted Public Service
For Prevention of Crime
For Prevention of Fires
For Scsfe Winter Driving
For Whom Does Bell Toll?
Ford’s Oct. 2 Provo Speech
Forensics Co-Champions
Former Envoy Says Poland Will Prevail
Former Prcvoun Elevated
Forty Years Ago Our Friends Were Our Foes
Forward Step for Orem
Four Seasons Hearings
Free World Supporting Afghans
Freedom Award winners announced
Freedom Awards Will Honor Finalists
Freedom of Press Helps AII
Friday Is Anniversary of San Francisco Quake
From the pages of The Daily Herald comes the work of… N. La Verl Christensen
From Very Humble Beginnings
Future of City Hall Corner
fyfmqries in Need of Change
G0ddurd’s life changed the course
GAO lHotline Saves Millions
GAO Tells How to Collect Debts
Geneva Air Plan Deserves Approval; Let’s End Economic Apprehension
Geneva Solutions Needed
Gercrld R. Ford’s Presidency
Get Ready to Fly Flag
Getting C-U Project Back On Track After Carter Veto
Getting Election-Oriented
Give to Rewards Fund
Glory of Timpanogos Hikes
Goddard: Rocket Pioneer
Golden anniversary event to honor Jones couple
Goldwater Defends Funds
Good Economic News
Good Manners in Traffic
Good Marks for Legislature
Good News For Gardeners
Good Old Dcud-It’s His Doy
Good Season ot Timp Cove
Good Utah Economic Signs
Good, Bud News About Cancer
Gratitude Still in Style
Great Seal 200 Years Old Today
Great Utah Statehood Flag Waves Forever in the Heart
Great Utah Statehood Flag Waves Forever in the Heart
Greater Bipurtiscmship Needed
Growing Cultural Tradition
Growth Ahead for Utah
Growth of Manufacturing
Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords
Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords
Guard Against Forest Fire
Guardians of our peace and freedom
Halloween: Fun and Safe
Happy Birthday to The “Star Spangled Banner”
Harry Truman Centennial May 8
Hazard an the Highway
Healthy Utah Job Picture
Heber Train. lnterurbun bollided at Center and 200 West
Heed the Flushing Lights
Heimlich Maneuver Saves Many Lives
Help Ettie Lee Save Boys
Help Make the Decision
Herald Staffers Salute UPI
Hero Pigeons Become Deudbeuts
High Cost of Accidents
Higher Education Leader
HinE IZI6y Cuge Tecsm of 1930 Beat Expert’s Odds
History Of United Press Told In Book
Hitch-Hiking Hazardous
Hold Line on Tax Levies
Hold Line on Tux Levies
Holiday Alignment Bill Worth Citizen Coipment
Holiday Season Reminds Us AII To Give Thanks
Home Acquisition Pcses Challenges
Home Ownership Dream Dims
Home-and-Family Month
Honor Due First Principal
Honoring Chris, True Son of U.S.A.
Honoring Our Centenuriuns
Honoring Their Sacrifice. Stones Present a History
Honoring Their Sacrmce
Hopeful Signs of Rescue
How Concerned Are You?
How many presidents have visited Provo?
How to Cut Costs in Building Home
How Vital Human Rights Post?
How Vital Human Rights Post?
How’s Interstate Coming?
Hupky Birthdc1yL Presidmaz?
Hutch Makes Some Points
Ideals of Abraham Lincoln
iimdley Won’tBo Forgotten
Improvements in Combat Readiness Reassuring
Improvements in Combat Readiness Reassuring
In 1874, Horses Had Mishaps
In BYU Development – Wilkinson’s Stewardship
In Case of Fire
In Economic Crisis Accent the Positive
In Oaks Testimony – College Curbs Opposed
In Scheduling Meetings – Public Accessibility Vital
Inauguration Ceremonies
Inauguration of ‘Y’ President
Inauguration Proposal Descrves Citizens’l Study
Income Tox Compc1risons
Incorporated Cities, Towns
Incorporated Cities, Towns
Incorporoted Cities, Towns
Incumbents Get Unfair Lead
Industrial Growth Praised
Inflation Marches On
Inflation Ups Project Cost
Inspiring Words From Presidents
Intelligence Bill Deserves OK
Interest on Debt Upsets Budget
Interstate Roads in Utah – Timetable for Completion
Irene Mower Finds Exhilaration in Each New Day
IRS Red Tape Should Be Lessened
It doesn’t matter who’s at fault, just fix the budget
It’s Anniversary of Historic Shot
It’s Pioneer Duy in Utah
It’s Senior Citizens Month
It’s That Season Again
It’s the 11th Hour Now
It’s Time for Feds to Face Deficit
It’s Time to Reduce Spending
It’s Upto Senate Now
It’s Veterans Dcsy, Buf…
iY; ‘;iY7Z?H0rses Had Mishmps;
Jack Dempsey, ‘The Manassa Mauler’ Began Career in Provo
Jobs ut un AII-Time High
Joseph Fielding Smith – 10th President of LDS Church
Judges Seek Fewer Appeals
Judicial Building: It’s Needed
Judicial Tenure Legislation Worth Seconcl Look
July 4th: Day of Fun, Reflection
July 9 Designated to Honor POWs
Justices, Sustain ‘Deudbeut’ Law
Juub Does It Again!
Juvenile-Sex Legislation Merits Citizen Action
Keep Business Healthy
Keep Freedom Torch Bright
Keep Our Defense Strong
Keep Our Streets Safe
Key Mass Transit Vote
Key Pre-Election Dates
Kissinger’s Role in History
Know its Provisions – Utah Anti-Shoplift Law
Know the Candidates
Kuipurowitz Hearings
La Verl fondly reh1eh1b& FE&
Labor Day ’82 Offers Hope
Labor Day, American Style
Lame Ducks Owe Answers
Law on Doorstep Litter
Lcrw Enforcement Protection Bill Merits Hearing
Ldbbf Ddy, CI Beginning
Le1’s Ax ‘Lume Duck’ Travel
Leaders Fail to Exemplify Frugulity in Budget
Learning Nil Without Manners
Leaving Tots Unattended Called Dangerous Practice
Legislators Act Responsibly on Budget
Let’s ‘OK’ Budget Amendment
Let’s All Work to Avoid Wor
Let’s Be Committed to Vote
Let’s Burst Soaring High-Interest Rate Balloon
Let’s Change Utah Tech College Name
Let’s Exahiine Japan Example
Let’s Focus on Goal of Balanced Budget By ’84
Let’s G0 Cuutiously in Lebanon
Let’s Get UVIDA Going
Let’s Have RoII Call Vote – On Federal Pay Issue
Let’s Have Roll Call Vote
Let’s Punish Drunk Drivers Now
Let’s Quash Military Waste
Let’s Quit Pampering Japan
Let’s Refurbish a Gallant Lady
Let’s Reverse Spending Trend
Let’s Salute His Compassion
Let’s Streamline the Economy
Let’s Take Another Look at U.N.
Let’s Toughen Loan Recovery
li’s Not Whether But How
Lincoln Spoke Heart to Heart
Lincoln: A Great President
Lingering Thoughts of July 4, Bicentennial Events in Valley
Lively Provo Museum
lnterstutes Must Be Repuired
Local Citizens Involved
Local Residents Recall Aviatrix
Logan Case Stirs Questions – Guard Public-Press Rights
Looking Bock Af Young Provo
Low Enforcement Protection Bill Merits Hearing
Low on Doorstep Litter
ls Home Cure Best Health Cure?
lt’s Election Yeur . . .
lt’s Time for Congress to Acton Crime
lt’s Time to Renew Our Devotion to Freedom
Lyndon B. Johnson – Death of 36th President
Make Agencies Acccuntuble
Make It a Safe Harvest
Make It a Safe Hunt
Malaria Vaccine Appears Rasy
Man Tells ‘Responsibilities’
Many Fires Caused by Cigarettes
Mass Transit Vote Nov. 8
May It Be a Happy Year!
Medical Researchers Earn America’s Thanks
Melcher C hurges Merit Study
Memorial Day Reflections
Memorial Day Rites Conducted
Memorial Doy Postscript
Message for Motorists
Midsummer Litter Check
Military Draft Debate Imperative
Military Draft Debate Imperative
Military Readiness Reassuring
Millie Hall Brought Lite, Light to Newspaper Career
Millions Wasted an Travel
Mineral Protection Critical
Mom Has Her Place
Moment of silence could mean prayer
Monday ls Filing Deadline
More Open Meetings – Step in Right Direction
More Than 500 Have Served on Provo City Boards
Most Want Prayer in Schools
Motorists Need to ‘BuckIe Up’
Mount Charming by Any Name
Mt. Rushmore ‘Duys of Honor’
Muke County Fair cs Must
N0w’s Time to Detoxify Polluted Productivity
Nails-on-Road Incidents
Nails-on-Road Incidents – A Senseless Tactic
Nation ‘Must Not Bend’ to ‘Sunctioned Terror’
Nation Must Reguin Past Superiorify
Nation’s Farmland Vanishes
National Debt Continues To Rise
National Debt’s Approaching $1 Trillion Mark
Nations Must Shure Defense
NATO Meeting Wus Successful
Nature’s Autumn Show
Ncw’s G00d Time for Nuclear Sanity
Nebc Loop Scenic Drive
Nebo School Bond Vote
Neighborhood Meetings
New Concern Over CUP
New Downtown Look
New library plan in place, now comes the toughpart
New Light on Miller Death
New Low in Voting? Don’t Let It Happen on Nov. 7th
New Public Safety Building
New Year in a New Century
Newspaper Week Celebrates Liberty
No ‘Right’ to Desecrute Flag
No Draft Registraticn,N0 Benefits For Education
No Tax Help for Lawmakers
Not in Public Interest
Notable Career Closes
Notable Career Closes
Notable Medical Career
Now’s Good Time for Nuclear Sanity
Now’s Time for Someone to Tackle Terrorism
Nuclear Issue Requires Our Most Diligent Study
Nuclear Talks Vital to Peace
Nuclear Warfare’s the Greatest Health Haiard
Nuclear Warfare’s the Greatest Health Hazard
Nuticnul Family Life Week
O’Connor Appears cs ‘Pers0n for All Seus0ns’
Odds Are Against Changing Anthem
Odds Are Against It
Odious Anniversary Sunday
Oghpyghgmplqn Goes ‘Buck on the Ruud Again’
Omni Range for Provo Airport
On Breaking Tragic News
On Breaking Tragic News
On Closing Those Special Loopholcs
On Cutting School Costs
On Cutting Travel Costs
On Freedom From Crime
On Future Provo Plan–Your Views Are Desired
On Mother’s Day, 1978
On Presidential Dignity
On Safety With Canines
On Safety With Cunines
One Town Against Drugs
Opening of School Calls For Extra Driving Care
Optimism for 1976
Optimistic Job Picture
Orem Sets Business Pace
Orem’s Continuing Expansion
Orem’s Forward March
Origin of Sweet, Sad Taps Sound
Osmond Clan Goes ‘Back on the Road Again’
Osmonds’ Faith in Utah Valley
Our ‘Trashy Film’ Controversy
Our Accessible Governor
Our Freedom’s Your Freedom
Our Peaceful Change-Over
Our Reduced Truffic Toll
Our Soaring National Debt
Our Soaring National Debt
Our Tourist Attractions
Pacemaker Rules Need Changes
Pact Should Help Steelmen
Pageant Earns Salute, Again
Painful, But Inflation Must Stop
Paper Progresses From ‘Hot Lead’ to Cool Computers
Paperwork Act Faces Test
Paris Treaty Bicentennial Noted
Parties Are Both to Blume
Paul Salisbury, Master Artist
Pcmumu Issue Heats Up
People Praise Hansen for Move
People Really Care
Perpetuate Yule Spirit
Personal Debt Poses Danger
Pioneer Day gives Utahns a chance to offer thanks
Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet
Pitfalls of Sunday Closing Law
Plan to Punish Cautious Thug
Play It Safe in Canyons
Pledge Puts British On Notice
Police-Citizen Teamwork
Pony Express Trail Earns Honor
Poper Progresses From ‘Hot Lead’ to Cool Computers
Population Guessing Game
Population Upsurge Ahead
Positive Merchant Attitude
Postscript on CUP Fight
Postscript to Gilmore Case
Power Line Proposal
Power Line Proposal – Close Scrutiny Urged
Powers of Congress reaffirmed
Prayer before sports events worthwhile
President Used to Make $25,000
Presidential Visit to Utah
Pride in Good Service
Primaries Distracting
Privacy Rights Warrant Study
Probation Raises Questions
Progress in Cancer Fight
Property Valuation Hikes
Proposal on Incest Appolling
Proposed Budget for Utah
Proposed Pork cat Nunn’s
Proposed Pork ot Nunn’s
Proposol Would Slow Auto Thefts
Protect Agricultural Acreage
Protect Your Eyesight
Protect Your Home
Protests on NEA Policy
Protests on NEAtPoIicy
Provo Author Lee Recsy Pens Humorous History
Provo Bids ‘Goodbye’ to Tom
Provo Canyon Avalanches Have Long History of Death, Destruction
Provo City Administration
Provo City Administration
Provo Commemorotion
Provo Filing Deadline Neur
Provo Freedom Festival
Provo Has 9 Living Former Mayors; 36 Have Held Post
Provo Honors Pioneer Spirit: Painting a Picture of Yesterday
Provo Library Bond Vote
Provo Noting 136th Birthday
Provo on Upward Swing
Provo Peak Vista, From Orem
Provo Settlers Once Started to Build Walled Enclosure For Protection Against Indians
Provo Will Recognize Volunteer City Boards
Provo’s Proposed Obscenity Law
Provo’s School Bond Vote
PubIic’s Right to Know
PubIic’s Stake in Bill on Open Meetings
PubIic’s Vital Stake
Public Accessibility Vital
Public Attitude vs. Action
Public Clamor Pays Off
Public Ldnd Sole Good Idea
Publisher announces Daily Herald staff changes
Puerto Rico Stotehoocl Still Issue
Pulling For Mark
Put Spending in Perspective
Quarter-Century of Space Conquest
Quiz on American First Ladies
Quiz on Presidents Of United States
Radical Environmental Protestors Lack Class
RBC&lliHg l’1&ILi0I1,S fElth8I’ iIlSpil'(-BS C0l1fiaBIl(36
Reagan ‘New FederaIism’ Plan the Right Move
Reagan Fights Drunken Drivers
Reagan Must Find EI Salvador Solution
Reagan Success Our Success
Reagan: Raise ceiling or default on May 28th
Real Budget Test Still Ahead
Real Christmas Is Within
Recalling Lincoln’s Pithy Sayings
Recalling Sermon to Soviets
Reclamation Pays Way
Recognition for Sen. Gurn
Record U.S. Surplus of $38.7 Billion in April Helps Cut Fiscal-Year Deficit
Recull Law Isn’t Needed
Red Hen Fable Truer Tcdcay
Red Influence Growing i n Latin America
Reducing Drug Trafficking Will Reduce Crime
Redwoods Inspire Thousands
Reflections on Freedom Fete
Reflections on Our Great Country
Reflections on Our Great Country
Regulatory-Reform Voices Count
Relatively High Income Tux
Relief Society Urges Women to Develop Skills, Talents
Remember Provo Canyon Snowslide Of I896– If Was ‘Daddy of Them AII’
Remembering Henry’s Oratory
Remembering Heroes of D-Day
Reminder on the Speed Limit
Renders Have Their Say
Report Merits Close Look
Republics Need Free Press
Request for Bonneville Unit Fund Reduction Ill-Advised
Respect for School Teachers
Respect Property Rights
Respected Physician-Citizen
Responsibility With Guns
Retorting to USSR Accusutions
Review of Postal Salaries
Review of Postal Salaries
Revival of County Fair
Rising Pay of Public Officicals
Rising Pcay of Public Officials
Risks of ‘Good Samaritan’
Rosulyn Should Refkiew Stuff
Ruilroud Meusu re Reduces Losses
Rumpton Era Close.
Rumpton Era Closes
Rurul House Numbering
Russ Propaganda Efforts Frighien
Russian Riddle Is Still an Enigma
Russians Never Listen to Reagan
S teelworkers Need U.S. Help
S tricter Loan Rules Would Help
S tutes Plugging FoodStump Holes
Safeguard Your Home
Safety cmd Your Children
Safety Hazards Heightened
Safety Huzctrd in Auto
Safety on the Freewuys
Safety With Churcoul
Salute to Freedom Fete Workers
Salute to UTC Graduates
Santa Barbara Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen Here
Save County Cherry Crop
Saving Water Is Our Task
School Boord Nominations
School Leewuy Election
School Prcsyer Amendment Possible
Schools Must Hove Authorify
Schwurtzy, We Miss You
Seat Belt Use Makes Sense – Buckle Up
Second West Needs Sidewalks
Sen. Hatch Honors Herald
Senate Blots Out a Red-Ink Worry – Stripped-Down Debt Bill Passes
Senate Needs Reform, Not Money
Service to Republic cr Factor
Setbock for Nebo Loop
Sevier Floods Pioneer Problem
Sewage Plant Expansion – Bond Issue Needed
Sfute Hbspifdl Infrestigutidn
She Gave . . . und Served
She’aI Rather Light a Candle Than Curse the Darkness…
Shelve House Bill 102
Shoplifters Cost us All Money
Shoplifts Up During Holiday
Should Congress Bon lnsoniry Pleo?
Should Puerto Rico Be c1 State?
Should Repeal lnterest Tux
Should U.S. Sell Federal Lands?
Sidewalks on Second West
Significant ‘Y’ Milestone
Significant ‘Y’ Milestone
Significant Honor for Huish
Slow Down on the Treaty
Slow Down, Mr. Motorist
Slushing Regulatory Costs
Small Firm Failures Alarm
Small Notions Also Hove Bombs
Smcill Cities Set Example
Snow Honors Five Alumni With Awards
Snow Overpowers Scottsdale
Soaring Assessed Values Accent Levy Cut Need
Soaring Assessed Values Accent Levy Cut Need
Sobering Situation With World of Hope
Social Security, Congress Issue Worth Debate
Sociul Security Tightening
Solidarity Isn’t Dead Yet
Solving the Dog Problem
Some Markers Need Repair
Some Still Try to Suppress
Some Vital Utah Statistics
Sounding Board for Public
Sounding Board for Public
Soviets Too Hasty in Plan Rgiection
Space Program Technology Benefits All
Space Program Technology Benefits All
Space Shuttle Lifts Our Spirits
Special Voter Responsibility: Choice of Government Plans
Speed Limit Support High
Speed ond Alcohol Kill
Spirit of cc; Faith in Provo
Spirit of Helpfulness
Spotlight on Provoans
Spring Beuutificution, Indeed
Spuce Shuttle Spending Wise
Spuce Shuttle Spending Wise
Stakes Are High In Geneva Fight
State Control IIs Best
State Hospital Investigation
State Hospital Investigation
State Lecturing Policy
State of Utah Ranks High
Statue of Liberty designed to celebrate independence
Steel Industry Milestone
Steel Modernization Plan Vital
Steel Modernization Plan Vital
Steel Victim of lllegulities
Sticky Problems Remain in Falklands
Stop Crime Before It Starts
Stop Voter Borticibotioun Decline
Story Ends Happily . . .
Strange Things in Budget
Strength From Within
Stretching Your Milecsge
Study Optional Plan
Study Optional Plan
Stuff Should Play Same Rules
Sud Story of Nution&1TI%I:5
Sundance died in Utah prison, author says
Support for Zoo Proposal
Supreme C0urT’s F/ug Sfcmce Is Reussuring
Supreme Cour1’s Draft Ruling Affirms Key Point
Surplus Iund and the budget
Susan B. Anfh0ny’s Fame Scars Buf Her Dollar Cain Dicln’f Fly
Symphony performance is exomple of greut diligence
Synfuels Pushed to Buck Burner
Tabernacle Real Eye-Grabber With New Paint
Tackett to Retire July 1 – Publisher Will Leave Herald After Long and Eventful Newspaper Career
Taday’s Space Age Birthday
Take Longer Look at Refugees
Tax Bill Passage Took Courage
Tax Trend: Still Upward
Teacher COI’Ih’CCI’ Td”(S
Teachers Negotiations Act
Teachers Owe Students an Education
Teachers Owe Students an Education
Techniculities cmd Justice
That Flood of New Lows . . .
That Old Issue ls Buck
Thcmksgix/ing Day, 1976
The ‘Big Show’ Returns
The ‘WiIdcat’ Phone Strike
The ‘WiIdcut’ Phone Strike
The 55-Mph Speed Limit
The B-I-E Day Tradition
The Canning Lid Shortage
The Case of Rep. Howe
The Custer Legend Still Lives
The Day Heber C reeper , Orem Train C cllided
The ERA question
The General Education Issue
The internment issue
The Lights of Christmas
The Provo Conyon Highway
The RARE II Proposols
The RARE Il Proposals
The Savior’s Message – Thoughts on Christmas
The Show Must Go On – And Did In Spite of Virtuoso’s Toothache
The Soldier Summit Flap
The Speed Limit Debate
The Steel Imports Hearing
The tens of thousands of Polish people who have defied martial law in a massive outpouring of sup- port for t e So idarity union have demonstrated once again the powerful yearning of oppressed Poles for freedom. Braving tear gas, con- cussion grenades and water cannons, citizens in many cities marked the second anniversary of the indeplendent union by marc ing toward Commu- nist Party headquarters chanting, ‘Free Lech Wal- esa” and “Solidarity, Soli- darity, Solidarity!” Walesa, interned Soli- darity leader, has been held since martial law began last Dec. 13 in a crackdown by the ruling military junta that ended a 16-month “taste of free-
The Utah 55-Mph Law
The Wasatch County Fair
The words of Christmas can remind us of the holiday spirit
Thefts Plague Contractors
There’II Be u Big Time
There’s nothing two-faced about wisdom from Janus
They CAN and DO Succeed
They Served Long, Well
They served with honor
Thieves Steal Museum Items
Thieves Steal Museum Items
Those good old doys…
Threat of Growing Power To Strike Against Public
Threut of Growing Power To Strike Aquinst Public
Tighter Ed Control Necessary
Time for an assault 011 arson
Time for Car Theft Cruckdown
Time for Flood Insurance
Time of Decision
Time to ‘Crum’ for Vote
Time to Aid Victims of Crime
Time to Clamp Down in Federal Travel Control
Time to Count Blessings
Time to intensify Arson Legislation
Time to Look at Productivity
Time to Repeal Tax Break
Time to Resteie Helmet Laws
Time to Reverse Decline in Business Productivity
Time U.S. Cracked Down on Defuulters
Tire Surface Tgsts Promising
To Becsutify cs City…
To Emergency Vehicles
Today, Take Time to Reflect
Tonic for Voter Apathy
Tourism Conflicts With Energy
Tourism Great for Economy
Trade Deiicit Foes Guin Edge
Traffic Toll Up Again
Training School Probe
Tribute to ‘Lone Eagle’
Tribute to George S. Bullif
Tribute to Jones, Other Scouters
Trivia Quiz: U.S. Vice Presidents
Tux C ut Gives Roy of Hope for Economy
Tux Cuts Should Sturt ut Top
Tuxes Fastest-Rising Expense
Two Men Killed, Residents Remember Snowslides of 1924
Two Orem Men Recall Iwo Jimo Compoign
Two Provo Tabernacles TeII 100-Year History
U.S. ‘Debt’ Payments Nearing $100 Billion
U.S. Anthem Debate Continues
U.S. Automokers Need Compromise
U.S. Gesture Toward Argentine u Positive Step
U.S. Goal: Make Skies Safer
U.S. Must Heed Report on Deficit
U.S. Must Heed Report on Deficit
U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence
U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence
U.S. Productivity Fcills Behind
U.S. Reports Bod Effects From TV
U.S. Rolls Up Record Deficit Of $220.7 Billion This Year
U.S.Cun Lift Burdens of Small Business
U5, peb; Rumpcmtly Out of Line
UEA Strike Deplored – Upgrade Education–But by ‘Due Process’
Ufah Bids for ’76 Winter Olympics
Uintu Forest’s Pilot Proiect
Umh’s Antiquities Act
Uncompromising Russ Disdppoinl
UNH VcIIey’s Vital Stake
Unify Vifdi in Centrdl Am. Crisis
United Wcny’s Final Push
Unity, Diplomacy – Key to U.S. Defense Goals
University Shows Integrity
Updating Obsolete Sections
Upward Trend in Suluries
Urban sprawl gobbling up farmland
Utah ‘G0tchu’ Project Successful
Utah and Traffic Safety
Utah Anti-Shoplift Law
Utah as a Minerals State
Utah as a Minerals State
Utah Begins 81st Year
Utah County Fair: An Event To Stir Pride, Appreciation
Utah County’s ‘senior patriot’ honored
Utah Highway Vandalism
Utah Pioneer Day, 1975
Utah Pioneer Duy 1978
Utah Property Tax Burden
Utah T0 im Olympic Bid In New York
Utah Valley and Steel Imports
Utah Valley and Steel Imports
Utah Valley and Tourism
Utah’s Property Tax Bill – How Is It Shared?
Utah-Nevada Fallout Study
Utcah’s Attrcsctiveness
Utuh County Job Outlook
Utuh’s Bid Didn’t Fulte r, Was Bcsted
Utuh’s Property Tux Bill
Vacation Danger Lurks
Vaccine date remembered
Valley Hospital Expansion
Value Car? Remove Keys
Vandalism Crackdown
Vandalism: It Costs You!
Vandals Destroy U.S. Heritage
Vcters’ Responsibility
Veterans Day
Veterans’ Records in Wars Appear As Result of Memorial Day Display
Victory for Labor Bill Foes
Vigilance Against Rapists
Vigilance Against Rapists
Visiting Shrines Helps Patriotism
Vital Primary Election
Volley Industry, Jobs Grow
Volume Details History of 1-Room School in Pioneering Ero
Volunteer Youth Work Force is Good ldeo
Vote in Provo Primary
Voter Apathy Must End Now
Voter Apathy Must End Now
Voters’ Responsibility
Voters: It’s Up to You Now
VPs Worthy of Credit, Thanks
VPs Worthy of Credit, Thcmks
Vuledictoriun Values Work
WAC Should Reconsider
Wage Proposal Has Merit
War 0f 1812 Veteran Was Nephi Settler
War 0f 1812 Veteran Was Nephi Settler
War on Drunk Driving Necessary
War Pals Reunited In Britain
Washington ‘man of peace’
Washington ‘man of peace’
Washington Excelled us Stufesniun
Washington Excelled us Stutesindn
Waste of Tax Dollars
Water Danger Lurks
Water Tragedy Lurks
We Applaud Reagan Stance
We Find Some Heroes . . .4
We Must Attack Budget Problems With Diligence
We Must Find Poison Killer
We Must Strive to Reverse Productivity Slump
We Need Heroes Like Ayer
We Remember The Alamo
We-2’re Losing our Naval Punch
Wednesduy’s Tux Freedom Day
WeMust Have a Balanced Budget Soon
Western Voters Need Protection
What’s Your Opinion On Limiting Terms?
When D0 Budget Deficits End?
When Help Is Needed
When Preparation Pays
Where’re Unsafe Bumpers?
White Collar Crime’s StilICrime
Who’s Uncle Sam’s Creator?
Whot’s Your Opinion?
Whut’s PIK Role in Farming?
Why Aputhy ut the Polls?
Why Nat Talks in Japan?
Why Pass Child Seat Laws?
Why probe cabinet appointees?
WiIkinson’s Stewardship
WiIson’s Success Story
Will Drug Thefts Be Fed Offense?
Will Nuclear Bombs Destroy Us?
Will Nuclear Bombs Destroy Us?
Winter Peril on Byrocids
WLgt Qreation Tale Be Taught
wlr, Uiqh Technical College’ Retiring
Wodley Won’tBo Forgotten
World Future Relies on Nuclecrr Freeze
World Minerals Play Part in National Defense
Write Your Congressman
Ws goodbye to our friend but his Iegocylwill live on
Yes, Your Vote Is Important!
You Ccm Help Counter Crime
You Ccm Help Save Sight
Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project
Your Chance for Input
Your Signal for Safety
Your Stoke in Provo C. of C.
Your Views Are Desired
Youth Need Lesson in Economics
Yule Charm Enhanced
Zephyr Ruling Anticipated