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Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

Utah’s Mormon pioneers who entered Great Salt Lake Valley 128 years ago might be surprised by the flourishing sateof today. It could be a happy surprise for many. The Saints of 1847 and succeeding years made the “desert blossom as a rose.” but succeeding generations have added industry, expanded education, and progress on some fronts… Continue reading Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

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Mom Has Her Place

The mothers we honor this day have earned their places through service and sacrifice and years of devotion. The biological process of reproduction is the same for all women but it takes a good deal more to be initiated into that noble sorority of motherhood. it lakes a combination of qualities – some which may… Continue reading Mom Has Her Place

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Declaration and Resolve

As we celebrate the Fourth of July today, joining in the “Happy 197th Anniversary!” atmosphere of the Freedom Festival here in Provo, all of us would do well to give some thoughtful consideration to perpetuating the firmness of resolve that accompanied the signing of the Delcaration of Independence in 1776. Suppose the drafters of the… Continue reading Declaration and Resolve

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Home-and-Family Month

The period Thanksgiving – to – Christmas is designated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles as “Home and Family Month.” “Give thanks to the Lord for home and family, for friends and neighbors, for parents who share and children who care,” says an Eagles’ poster message distributed locally. This is a month also when churches… Continue reading Home-and-Family Month

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Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day, 1977. This is a day of flags and flowers and memorials — and these have been in abundance during the holiday weekend here in Central Utah. It’s a day for recalling blessed memories in the winning and preservation of freedom, and of tribute to those who sacrificed for the cause. But the custom… Continue reading Memorial Day Reflections

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Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

Oh beautiful for pilgrim feet Whose stern impassioned stress A thoroughfare of freedom beat Across the wilderness These words from the second stanza of Katherine Lee Bates’ patriotic song “America the Beautiful” seem to catch the pulse and beat and spirit of the pioneers of this country’s frontiers. Miss Bates, a native of Massachusetts and late… Continue reading Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

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Lingering Thoughts of July 4, Bicentennial Events in Valley

A few of many lingering thoughts about the Bicentennial year Independence Day Celebration here: Seems to us an upsweep in patriotism was noticeable – partly attributable to the fanfare of the Bicentennial, but positive whatever the reason. The “Big flag” trend seems to have captured a great deal of attention in Utah and nationally. Tallest… Continue reading Lingering Thoughts of July 4, Bicentennial Events in Valley