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Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

Utah’s Mormon pioneers who entered Great Salt Lake Valley 128 years ago might be surprised by the flourishing sateof today. It could be a happy surprise for many. The Saints of 1847 and succeeding years made the “desert blossom as a rose.” but succeeding generations have added industry, expanded education, and progress on some fronts… Continue reading Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

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Police-Citizen Teamwork

Utah citizens received a challenge; from State Attomey neral Vemon B. Romney the other day. Addressing the Utah Peace Officers Association at its convention in Brigham City, Mr. Romney called on the citizen to join law enforcement officers in the, battle against rising crime. “I encourage every Utah citizen to join with. our professional peace… Continue reading Police-Citizen Teamwork

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Blue-Ribbon Neighbors

Years ago the Herald had a project of honoring “Blue Ribbon Neighbors”. We invited the citizenry to nominate candidates for a weekly good neighbor award. Then we’d screen the letters of nomination and honor the person selected each week with a citation adorned with a blue ribbon and the Herald’s official seal. The project eventually… Continue reading Blue-Ribbon Neighbors

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Freedom Awards Will Honor Finalists

The finalists for the Freedom Awards will vie for the prestigious honor in several categories during a luncheon June 29. The annual Freedom Awards Luncheon, co-sponsored by the Provo Area Chamber of Commerce and the America’s Freedom Festival at Provo, was started three years ago to honor citizens and organizations, primarily of Utah County, for their… Continue reading Freedom Awards Will Honor Finalists

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Critic Praises Young Artists Concert

Eight young musicians guest-starred with the Utah Valley Symphony Wednesday night at the Provo Tabernacle in the annual Youth Artists Concert – and if applause was an accurace indicator, concert-goers loved what they heard. Conductor Ralph Laycock first directed the symphony in Robert Washburn’s “Festival Overture,” In captivating contemporary number with tricky rhythms and strong thematic passages. Then the symphony… Continue reading Critic Praises Young Artists Concert

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Significant ‘Y’ Milestone

With its 100th commencement Friday, Brigham Young University took a long look at achievements of the past as it also viewed the challenges of the future. The historic commencement, and the opening of the Maeser Memorial Building cornerstone box the previous day, touched off a year-long centennial observance on the ‘Y’ Campus. History – particularly as… Continue reading Significant ‘Y’ Milestone

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Lingering Thoughts of July 4, Bicentennial Events in Valley

A few of many lingering thoughts about the Bicentennial year Independence Day Celebration here: Seems to us an upsweep in patriotism was noticeable – partly attributable to the fanfare of the Bicentennial, but positive whatever the reason. The “Big flag” trend seems to have captured a great deal of attention in Utah and nationally. Tallest… Continue reading Lingering Thoughts of July 4, Bicentennial Events in Valley

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Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

Oh beautiful for pilgrim feet Whose stern impassioned stress A thoroughfare of freedom beat Across the wilderness These words from the second stanza of Katherine Lee Bates’ patriotic song “America the Beautiful” seem to catch the pulse and beat and spirit of the pioneers of this country’s frontiers. Miss Bates, a native of Massachusetts and late… Continue reading Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet