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Your Views Are Desired

A considerable number of people in our society are fairly cynical about government, and suspicious of what is being done while others complain that they feel powerless to have a voice in what govem- ment is doing. On the other hand, local government officials complain that they go to a great deal of trouble to… Continue reading Your Views Are Desired

Local Issues

Revival of County Fair

Old-timers will recall when Utah County had some great county fairs. But this county – second- ranking in Utah in population and first in agricultural income – hasn’t had a fair since 1939. After that year it turned its fairgrounds facilities over to the fledgling Central Utah Vocational School. forerunner to today’s Utah Technical College.… Continue reading Revival of County Fair

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Police-Citizen Teamwork

Utah citizens received a challenge; from State Attomey neral Vemon B. Romney the other day. Addressing the Utah Peace Officers Association at its convention in Brigham City, Mr. Romney called on the citizen to join law enforcement officers in the, battle against rising crime. “I encourage every Utah citizen to join with. our professional peace… Continue reading Police-Citizen Teamwork

Local Issues

Adjust Driving for Winter

This week’s snowstorm and the colder temperatures have amounted to a sharp change from the football – type weather of the past several weeks in Central Utah, This should serve notice to motorists that driving habits need to change with the season. Wet, snow-covered and even icy streets and highways tax driving skills and judgment,… Continue reading Adjust Driving for Winter

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Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

Utah’s Mormon pioneers who entered Great Salt Lake Valley 128 years ago might be surprised by the flourishing sateof today. It could be a happy surprise for many. The Saints of 1847 and succeeding years made the “desert blossom as a rose.” but succeeding generations have added industry, expanded education, and progress on some fronts… Continue reading Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

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Stop Crime Before It Starts

Another civic club has joined inĀ the campaign to “safeguardĀ against crime.” The Kiwanis Clubs are urging people to protect their homes and families by conscientiously work-ing to “stop crime before it starts.” These are specific suggestions: Double check the identity of callers you don’t know. Install deadbolt locks on out-side doors. Avoid dark streets at night.… Continue reading Stop Crime Before It Starts

Local Issues

Spotlight on Provoans

It isn’t often that somebody in a city the size of Provo wins a “one of a kind” national award. Thus the “Small Businessman of the Year” award recently won by two local couples has attracted a great deal of attention and catapulted the four into the spotlight in a big way. Mr. and Mrs.… Continue reading Spotlight on Provoans

Local Issues

To Emergency Vehicles

“When police cars, fire engines, ambulances, or other emergency vehicles approach, using audible and visual signals, yield the right-of-way and drive at once to the right side of the road and stop until they have passed.” Judging by comments made by drivers of emergency vehicles, a lot of folks here in Utah need to have… Continue reading To Emergency Vehicles

Local Issues

It’s the 11th Hour Now

A word of warning to property tax payers ct Central Utah: The 1975 payment deadline will be Mohday, Usually the deadline comes Nov. 30, The counties have extended it this year because the 30th falls on Sunday. It pays to meet the deadline. Under the law, tax payers who fail to pay by the prescribed… Continue reading It’s the 11th Hour Now