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How many presidents have visited Provo?

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey’s Oct. 21 visit prompts these questions: How many United States presidents have visited in Provo and Utah County? How many vice presidents? We’re not so sure about the vice presidents. Richard Nixon was here for a speech at Brigham Young University Oct. 17, 1958 while he was vice president to Pres.… Continue reading How many presidents have visited Provo?

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Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy

It was a day never to be forgotten – in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s somber words, “a date which will live in infamy.” Japan had taken the United States by surprise, tragically bombing Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, while negotiations were going on in Washington. More than 350 planes had zeroed in on the harbor… Continue reading Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy

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President Used to Make $25,000

How much do we pay our U. S. president? Assuming this should be of more than passing interest during the election campaign, let’s review presidential salaries from 1789 to the present. George Washington, the first of 39 men to hold the office, received $25,000 per annum. Today, under the 1969 salary law passed by Congress, the pay is $200,000. Extensive… Continue reading President Used to Make $25,000