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U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence

A warning by two United States officials of the activities of Soviet-backed Cuba in supporting violence and insurgencies in the Caribbean and latin America should not go unneeded. ‘ Addressing the Subcommittee on westem Hemisphere Affairs of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in Mid- Decmeber. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Enders said Cuba is… Continue reading U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence

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Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

Utah County shares one of the touching stories of the Vietnam War – the sacrifice and long wait of families of men “missing in action.” Families of six missing Air Force and Marine Corps men reside here. Two of the men are missing in North Vietnam, two in South Vietnam, and two in Laos. None… Continue reading Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

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‘Get Involved’ Philosophy Pays Off For Ex-Official of Utah County

Back in World War II, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a young Utahn – a native American born of Japanese immigrant parents – faced some disheartening experiences. In high school a few years before, he’d been business manager of the Jordan High campus newspaper. As such he’d visit businessmen in the area –… Continue reading ‘Get Involved’ Philosophy Pays Off For Ex-Official of Utah County

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We Remember The Alamo

The Alamo at San Antonio Tex.,. ancient mission-fort now a historic shrine, was in the news last week when three self-styled “revolutionaries” scaled its walls and hauled- down American and Texas flags. The incident ended as police arrested the trio while an angry crowd of 200 shouted “Get them down!” You couldn’l blame Texans (or… Continue reading We Remember The Alamo

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The internment issue

A controversial World War II chapter — internment of nearly 120,000 west coast Japanese-Americans and 1,000 Alaskan aleuts some 38 years ago — is in the process of being reopened. Two anticipated actions in Washington will implement legislation passed by congress last summer: – Appointment of a seven-member study commission to review the episode and… Continue reading The internment issue

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Recalling Sermon to Soviets

In the headlines at about the same time recently were the naming of Ezra Taft Benson as president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and President Reagan’s appeal for prayers for success at the upcoming summit meetings with Soviet leader Gorbachev. Somehow the two stories combined to remind me of an extraordinary spiritual happening… Continue reading Recalling Sermon to Soviets

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Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy

It was a day never to be forgotten – in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s somber words, “a date which will live in infamy.” Japan had taken the United States by surprise, tragically bombing Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, while negotiations were going on in Washington. More than 350 planes had zeroed in on the harbor… Continue reading Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy