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Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy

It was a day never to be forgotten – in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s somber words, “a date which will live in infamy.” Japan had taken the United States by surprise, tragically bombing Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941, while negotiations were going on in Washington. More than 350 planes had zeroed in on the harbor… Continue reading Dec. 7, 1941, A Day of Infamy

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‘Tiny’ American Flags ‘Giant’ Support For POWs

By N. LA VERL CHRISTENSEN Scripps League Newspapers In their dark days as prisoners of war in Vietnam, four American Air Force and Navy officers – cellmates at the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” POW camp – decided to conduct a Sunday church service in the hope this would boost morale. Navy Pilot Mike McGrath of Delta,… Continue reading ‘Tiny’ American Flags ‘Giant’ Support For POWs

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Book Recalls Earhart Tragedy

Amelia Earhart’s ill-fated round-the-world flight attempt in 1937 and the long, fruitless search for her and her navigator has one of the most extensively-covered news stories of that era. Tragic and still a mystery to a considerable extent, that episode and Earhart’s many successful exploits will be remembered this week, 50th anniversary of the solo trans-Atlantic flight of… Continue reading Book Recalls Earhart Tragedy

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Power Line Proposal – Close Scrutiny Urged

For years the efforts of many dedicated individuals and a considerable amount of money have gone into developing and maintaining the Provo Municipal Airport as an economic force in the community. At present funding is being considered for a branch fire station to be built on airport property. Three fixed wing aircraft operations are already… Continue reading Power Line Proposal – Close Scrutiny Urged

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Omni Range for Provo Airport

Two recent occurrences have emphasized once again the need for equipping the Provo Airport with the Terminal Omni Range (TVOR) radio directional device for instrument landings. The first occurrence was the plane crash less than two weeks ago in which 13 Salt Lake persons met death in a plane crash near Camp Williams. Local aviation… Continue reading Omni Range for Provo Airport