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Congressional Pay Raise

ln 1965 congressional salaries were raised from $22,-500 to $30,000 – and four years ago there was a 41 per cent jump to $42,500. Now a new proposal in process would give congress members and some other officials salary increases reportedly in the neighborhood of $10,000 a year. Obviously rising living costs affect congressmen as well as everyone else. But are such massive salary increases justified?… Continue reading Congressional Pay Raise

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Election in Retrospect

It was democracy in action at the local level, as 216 cities and towns of Utah chose officers in Tuesday’s municipal election. This was an election that belonged to the communities, independent from nationally-oriented campaign oratory and issues. The people were voting for and against candidates they knew, so to speak, and the issues centered… Continue reading Election in Retrospect

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A Pitifully Light vote

Voters in the Alpine District in the north part of Utah County gave one-sided approval to a $12 million building bond issue in Tuesday’s special election. The ratio in favor was about 5 to 1. Obviously the growing district needs the school expansion program projected in the years ahead as the bond money becomes available.… Continue reading A Pitifully Light vote

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Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project

(EDITORIAL) Taxpaying voters of Utah County – and in six other counties – have an opportunity and obligation to go to the polls Tuesday, Dec. 14 in what could be the most significant special election in the history of this state. They will be called upon at that time to authorize the seven-county Central Utah Water Conservancy District to sign a… Continue reading Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project