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Congressional Pay Raise

ln 1965 congressional salaries were raised from $22,-500 to $30,000 – and four years ago there was a 41 per cent jump to $42,500. Now a new proposal in process would give congress members and some other officials salary increases reportedly in the neighborhood of $10,000 a year. Obviously rising living costs affect congressmen as well as everyone else. But are such massive salary increases justified?… Continue reading Congressional Pay Raise

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Utah’s Property Tax Bill – How Is It Shared?

Tax burdens for the average Utah property owner have become increasingly heavy in recent years – and they’d be heavier still if it weren’t for the big percentage of the total tax paid by owners of commercial and industrial property. According to studies by the Utah Foundation, private tax research organization, owners of business and… Continue reading Utah’s Property Tax Bill – How Is It Shared?

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Soaring Assessed Values Accent Levy Cut Need

The 90.4 per cent jump in Utah County’s total assessed valuation is unprecedented. The figures further emphasize the absolute need for taxing units – cities, county, schools. and special districts – to drastically slice the tax levy. Otherwise, taxpayers are going to face unwarranted new burdens as a result of the property reappraisal, which is… Continue reading Soaring Assessed Values Accent Levy Cut Need

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Alpine School Bond Vote

Alpine School District’s proposed $12 million bond election, slated Oct. 4., raises some questions for the citizenry and school board to ponder. Apparently the money is needed, or will be needed as bonding capacity increases, judging by the superintendent’s report of population growth. Priorities have been established for new elementary schools in Orem and American… Continue reading Alpine School Bond Vote

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Tax Trend: Still Upward

The property tax continues to rise in America despite demands for property tax relief and revenue sharing efforts to ease spending pressures on the tax. Property tax collections in 1974 will total close to $51 billion when the final figures are in, more than twice the nation-wide total only eight years ago, according to Tax Foundation Inc., based in New York. Property taxes, which vary considerably within… Continue reading Tax Trend: Still Upward