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Click to see original imageThere you have them – the presidential visits and the vice presidential visits in modern times. We wouldn’t be positive that this is a complete record. But it’s the best we’ve been able to compile and it’ll have to do until someone steps up with more information. If you have a some facts we don’t have, we’d be more than happy to have them. – N. LA VERL CHRISTENSEN.



Mrs. Edward (Alta) Peay of ??? W. 550 S., was a very happy person the day Vice President Humphrey came to Provo – and you couldn’t blame her. The vice president approached her and picked up her little daughter Camalee Peay and hugged her.



The panel of experts currently, conducting a series of lectures on “The Emotional Aspects of Bringing Up Children” has come up with an interesting contention concerning mental illness.

They believe that mental illness may be hereditary. It’s something parents get from their children! – JSZ, Springville