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Positive Merchant Attitude

Click to see original imageOver the years, a number of downtown Provo rejuvenation proposals have fallen by the wayside because of negativism or lack of cooperation on the part of some businessmen or property owners.

Thus, it was refreshing to note this past week that a group of merchants on University Avenue has petitioned the city commission to include the avenue in a downtown redevelopment project.

The merchants on University Avenue initiated the action themselves, and Dallan Clark, a spokesman for the property owners, said only one negative answer had been received in making contacts with merchants from Center Street to 500 North. Mostly, he noted, they are keenly interested in being involved in the rejuvenation program the city is planning to begin on Center Street.

The current petition asks that trees and sidewalk improvements be made from Center Street to 200 North.

What ultimately will be worked out at the request of the merchants remains to be seen, but a good start has been made in the positive attitude displayed by the avenue group.

Band Concert Series Capper

Sunday band concerts in the part are in keeping with an old-fashioned American tradition.

Provo has had a concert series going this summer, and the last one of eight will be held tonight at 8 o’clock at North Park, Fifth North and Fifth West.

Director Ralph Laycock says audiences ranging up to several hundred people have been attending.

Special efforts are planned to make the windup performance a big one, and Director Laycock has invited members of the BYU Summer Band, which he also conducts, to join the regular Provo Municipal Band. In addition he extended an invitation to other qualified bandsmen to join this combined group for the performance of John Philip Sousa’s “El Capitan” march, parts for which were ┬ádistributed last Sunday.

Music played at the concerts has ranged from “Bach to rock,” aimed for “Summer light listening.”

Musicians who have been performing in the summer series are members of the Provo Federation of Musicians. The concerts are sponsored by the Provo City Parks and Recreation Department, the Music Performance Trust Fund administered by the musicians union, and Brigham Young University which furnishes equipment and music.

If you like band music, don’t miss Sunday’s performance. It’s the last of the summer series.