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Redwoods Inspire Thousands

If you delight in Nature’s masterworks (and who doesn’t?) this triple question should have meaning for you. Where in America can you find the world’s tallest tree? Other forest monarchs ranging up to 300 feet high? Trees still alive today that grew at the time of Christ? Whether you have been there or not, most… Continue reading Redwoods Inspire Thousands

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Canyon Oil Truck Accidents

What can be done to prevent recurrence of dangerous and costly oil tanker accidents in Provo Canyon? Since mid-August at least six crashes have occurred. In most instances the tanker rigs overturned, spilling varying quantities of oil. Besides danger to life and property and monetary loss, the accidents in the canyon pose an environmental threat… Continue reading Canyon Oil Truck Accidents

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Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

So we’ve entered a new decade! High hopes for happiness and prosperity are mingled with concerns over inflation, energy shortages, and other economic problems as we turn from the 70’s and advance into a new 10-year span. There are other concerns too, as war clouds gather in parts of the world. The Soviet Union is… Continue reading Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

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Law on Doorstep Litter

Provo’s current anti-litter ordinance, adopter in August of 1978, is patterned after a model law of a national beautification organization. But it has not solved the problem of unwanted and unsolicited handbills and other such materials from cluttering front porches – partly, perhaps, because many people may not understand their responsibility under the law. The problem… Continue reading Law on Doorstep Litter

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Santa Barbara Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen Here

Recent rains eased fire danger temporarily on the Central Utah ranges and forests – but the potential hazard is still there and extreme care should be used in guarding against fire outbreaks. “While the rains helped, a good hot afternoon can put us right back where we were,” noted Floyd A. Lundell of Benjamin, county… Continue reading Santa Barbara Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen Here

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Beautification: You Bet! / Hathaway Suited for Post

Beautification: You Bet! The city of Santaquin in southern Utah County has announced a cleanup and beautification campaign for May 3-10 to spruce up the community for the 1976 bicentennial. Beautification drives are excellent and every city and town should have one. Keying the projects to the bicentennial is good also bit getting ready for… Continue reading Beautification: You Bet! / Hathaway Suited for Post