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UEA Strike Deplored – Upgrade Education–But by ‘Due Process’

Across Utah today there is confusion and frustration, As the two-day Utah Education Association-called school teacher strike took effect, parents, children and general public were inconvenienced-and considerably bewildered. Go to school? Stay home? One-day recess? No days? The situation began to clarify somewhat late Sunday as most of Utah’s 40 school districts backed the resolution of the… Continue reading UEA Strike Deplored – Upgrade Education–But by ‘Due Process’

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Nails-on-Road Incidents – A Senseless Tactic

Spreading nails across highways, as reported in several cases in Utah during the past week – and leaving them to flatten tires of unsuspecting travelers – is a the thoughtless and lawless action that should arouse public indignation. It isn’t hard to envision tragedies that could result from such a senseless tactic: An ambulance stalled with flat tires… Continue reading Nails-on-Road Incidents – A Senseless Tactic

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Threat of Growing Power To Strike Against Public

Time was when a strike against the public was rare and considered highly unethical if not unthinkable. But public sector unions are growing in power. They are flexing their muscles, striking (sometimes illegally), and extracting settlements that require added tax burdens at a time when holding the tax line is an urgent national philosophy. The… Continue reading Threat of Growing Power To Strike Against Public

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The ‘WiIdcat’ Phone Strike

There ought to be a better way to go, in registering dissatisfaction with at tentative contract settlement than a “wildcat strike.” About 400 employees of Mountain Bell Telephone and Western Electric Co., staged a short wildcat strike Wednesday to protest a three-year tentative labor-management contract accepted by the Communications Workers of America. Picket lines were… Continue reading The ‘WiIdcat’ Phone Strike

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Our ‘Trashy Film’ Controversy

Periodically people here in Utah Valley raise their voice and take pen in hand to protest socalled trashy movies which are saturated with sex, violence and sordid situations. The issue is kicked around a bit, then dies with little or no action and no results. Few would deny that many moving pictures fall into this category. But too few people… Continue reading Our ‘Trashy Film’ Controversy