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State Hospital Investigation

Click to see original imageThe Utah State Hospital has
been the center of a smouldering
Controversy for several months.
Now the Utah Legislative Social
Services Interim Study Commit-
tee has passed a motion asking
the attorney general to in-
vestigate possible mallcasance
and misappropriation of Iunds at
the Provo institution.
Dr. Roger S. Kiger. superinten-
dent, quickly welcomed the in-
vestigation and said that the
hospital has nothing to hide, He
took occasion also to express
pride in the hospital’s operation of
providing quality care for the
The low key controversy was
fed by a report by the auditor
” general who asserted there was
” overstocking on some food items;
that an excessive number of vehi-
cles had been acquired; and thats
some things purchased could not
be found.
Dr. Kiger declared that in all of
the discussions, no complaints
have been made about patient
care. “And that’s what this
hospital is all about and that is
what I am concerned with, the
care of our patients,” he said.
V The Department of Social Ser-
vices decided some time ago to
split the administration of the
hospital under two heads. An ad-
ministrator has been appointed,
due at the hospital Aug 8, to han-
dle the business operation; and. it
is understood. a clinical director
is to be named. Meantime. Dr.
Kiger is still superintendent. His
status after the new ad-
ministrator arrives hasn’t been
made clear.
With an investigation at the
hospital now requested. it is
hoped the probe will be made
speedily and objectively so that
the controversy can be settled
once and for all.
The attorney general, if he is to
assume the responsibility, should
assign fair and competent person-
nel to search out the facts in a
careful, unbiased manner so that
intelligent evaluations can be
made. If corrections need to be
made, so be it; and if the facts
vindicate those in charge, this
should be clearly stated also.
The state hospital is a valued in-
stitution in the Utah hospital and
welfare program. It has won wide
recognition for its programs of
patient treatment and rehabilita-
tion. It is therefore important that
its future not become clouded in
politics or prolonged hassling. ‘
Under the circumstances, an in=
vestigation. accomplished with
fairness and dispatch. can prove a
healthy thing for the state and the
institution. ,