Vigilance Against Rapists

Click to see original imageThree rape cases in one day – something heretofore unheard of in Utah Valley have proved once more that the people of this area must exercise vigilance and safety precautions against crime as never before. Traditionally a peaceful area with a crime rate far under national average, the region in recent months has been shocked by an increase in major crime, including murder and rape cases. In the latest rape cases, two BYU coeds were assaulted in northeast Provo by a knifewielding man who beat and stabbed the girls when they resisted; and in American Fork a man entered a woman’s home, threatened her with a knife and raped her, according to investigating officers. The Provo rapist was described as being about 40 years old, close to six feet tall, and weighing about 190 pounds. The American Fork offender reportedly was short, with medium-long hair and wire rim glasses. It is hoped that the perpetrators of these rapes can be quickly apprehended. Police need the cooperation of the citizenry and would welcome tips by anyone who has any information. Meantime, the people of Utah Valley should take more precautions in coping with increasing crime, not only in possible rape assaults but other types of crime, too. The first rule against a rapist or burglar should be to lock the doors and windows. The assailant who entered the two girls’ apartment in Provo found the door unlocked. In American Fork the intruder pried open a window. Among other precautions: Women should avoid traveling alone; cars should be locked, and checked before entering in case a prowler may be waiting inside. Avoid parking or walked in unlighted areas. Law enforcement officers should intensify their efforts to apprehend the guilty %ersons in these latest crimes. you have any information that will help them, report it now.