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Utah County’s ‘senior patriot’ honored

Click to see original imagePROVO – N. LaVerl Christensen is the recipient of the America’s Freedom Award, the highest of nine honors given by the Freedom Awards Committee.

The announcement was made Friday by author Howard Ruff at a luncheon held at Sil’s Ivy Tower restaurant.

Christensen, editor emeritus of The Daily Herald, has been called Utah County’s senior patriot. He was recognised for his stimulating and thought-provoking editorials, patriotic speeches and service projects He was noted for always looking at both sides of every isue. although there is not two sides to his patriotism.
As the editor of the Herald, he received an American legion award in 1981 for a series of articles he wrote during the Honor America period. The series was carried in many of the 30 Scripps League newspapers and won him praise throughout the nation.
Among the many awards Christensen has received are the two George Washington Honor Medals, presented hy the Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge, and the Good Citizenship Medal of the Son’s of the American Revolution.
Previous recipients of the award are Dallin H. Oaks in 1982 and Herald I. Hansen in 1983.