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Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show

Click to see original imageThis is the Herald’s annual admonition to those who like outdoor beauty: Don’t miss seeing the colored canyons.

Some people say the kodachrome colors of autumn aren’t as spectacular thus far as in some years; others may disagree; but most will concede the mountain vegetation represents quite a site!

When the color intensity will peak, and how long mountainsides will continue to blaze with Nature’s coat of many colors, is problematical. If a wave of extreme cold weather should hit, the colors would fade quickly. However, it appears the next couple of weeks or so may see a rather dazzling show.

What causes the coloration in this Indian summer period? A BYU botanist mentioned these factors:

1. Various pigments are present in the leaves all the time, but the green of the chlorophyll tends to mask out the presence of the yellow and the orange pigments. When fall comes, either through drought, cold, or age of the leaves, the chlorophyll dies and the pigments show through.

2. As for the red coloration, one of the pigments, the water-soluable anthocyanin, comes forth in increased abundance in the fall, bringing forth the red tints in the leaves.

Trees have affinities for different pigments – for example the maples take the reds; the aspens the yellow. This year, many of the aspens have taken on a reddish-orange color as well as yellow.

The period immediately ahead will be a good time to take the family “up the canyon” to see the autumn colors. We have one of Nature’s best shows right here in Central Utah. Let’s hope it plays to a full house.

What’s President Doing to Us?

President Ford has begun his term in an unprecedented era of good will. He’s the kind of man that you’d like to go on a fishing trip with or take for an afternoon’s sail.

But, regrettably we have to be the first to speak out and end the “honeymoon.” It was bad enough when there were accounts in the newspapers of his getting up early in the morning fixing his own breakfast. But then he had to go on national television and be pictured popping English muffins into a slow toaster as proof that he does get his own morning meal.

Well, that was the last straw to us. We don’t mind a man being popular, but he must be under the influence of Bella Abzug or one of those other women’s libbers.

Just think of the thousands of husbands who are being told, “I’m not going to get up this morning. Get your own breakfast. If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for you.”

This is a frontal assault on the last bastion of masculinity. We wouldn’t be surprised if he is photographed hanging the White House laundry out on the line.

There have been Presidents in the White House who didn’t even know where the kitchen was. Can you imaging L.B.J. or Teddy Roosevelt getting their own breakfast?

We are as worried as the next one about inflation and the Middle East and signs of an offensive by North Viet Nam. But we are overcome by the “get your own breakfast” movement.

Gerry Ford, do you realize what you are doing to the men of this country? Also you need a new toaster. That’s the slowest one we’ve ever seen. My toaster works in half that time  …oops.