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Utah Pioneer Day, 1975

Click to see original imageUtah’s Mormon pioneers
who entered Great Salt Lake
Valley 128 years ago might be
surprised by the flourishing
sateof today.
It could be a happy surprise
for many. The Saints of 1847
and succeeding years made
the “desert blossom as a
rose.” but succeeding
generations have added
industry, expanded education,
and progress on some fronts
the pioneers perhaps could not
liue there are things to be
dune – pollution to tame.
poverty to deal with. buildings
to build. payrolls to develop.
cultural activites to promote.
Bit generally Utah can look
back on over a century and a
quarter of satisfying growth
andprogress. ”
Perhaps unlike any other
state. Utah was founded as a
spiritual empire. with religion
as the prime motive. Others
went on to California to find
wealth in gold and land but
generally the Mormons stayed
with the soil in Utah Territory
and the wisdom of this has
Utahis own holiday –
Honeer Day. the 24th of July
– mas being commemorated
in lively fashion today. with
the “Days of ’47” celebration
at Salt lake City. Fiesta Days
at Spanish Fork. and major
Pioneer Day oriented acti-
vities at Mapleton. Many other
communities. of course, also
Provo’s commemoration
cane earlier in the week when
nearly 300 persons gathered at
Eldred Center fora dinner and
program sponsored by the
Carter Utah County Board.
Ilaugiters of Utah Pioners.
with city and county officials
and officials of the Sons and
Daughters of Pioneers of
Provo participating. Tributes
were paid the pioneers.
Throughout each
commermration is woven the
significance of the 24th of July
– the day in 1847 when
Brigiam Young and his party
arrived in Great Salt Lake
Valley, following the advance
ard main units of the first
picneer company into the
Vlhth a whole parade of
wagon trains arriving in
succeeding years, Brigham’s
ooloniration policy was put
into effect and colonies fanned
out through the state,
establishing settlements
‘lhe first colony of settlers of
the Provo area arriveed on the
banlm of the river April 1, 1849
and two days later started
building a fort for protection
against the Indians. Other
settlements were established
quickly across the valley.
Fort Utah at Provo. first
located just south of the river
at some point in the vicinity of
the Geneva Road. was moved
a year later to the
approximate location of
today’s North Pa rk.
‘lhat was the beginning.
Today. the cities of the area
are bustling with progress
Continued growth and
expansion is forecast.
It’s a far cry. all right. from
t.he beautiful though desolate
area the pioneers found. Who
can say exactly what kind of
ciues the pioneers of 1847 and
1849 envisioned? One thing is
obvious. they left their mark
and much of their own
indtstry. culture. and spiritual
values still bear their imprint.