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State Hospital Investigation

The Utah State Hospital has been the center of a smouldering Controversy for several months. Now the Utah Legislative Social Services Interim Study Commit- tee has passed a motion asking the attorney general to in- vestigate possible mallcasance and misappropriation of Iunds at the Provo institution. Dr. Roger S. Kiger. superinten- dent, quickly welcomed the… Continue reading State Hospital Investigation

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‘HeIp Wanted’ in Juab

Juab County has hung out the “Help Wanted” sign – for doctors. Currently, in the whole county, there are only three doctors two of them moving toward semi-retirement. A survey a year ago by the State Divsion of Health projected that Nephi and surrounding towns could support four full-time physicians. With the growth pattern and… Continue reading ‘HeIp Wanted’ in Juab