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Analysis Shows Water Projects Value

An analysis by Ronald C. Fisher, secretary-engineer of the Colorado River Water Conservation District, serves as a timely reminder that America must continue to develop its water resources. Citing farm. economic. energy. and recreational values, Fisher stressed this point significant to government: “Western reclamation projects already have returned more money to the federal.treasury than they… Continue reading Analysis Shows Water Projects Value

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Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project

(EDITORIAL) Taxpaying voters of Utah County – and in six other counties – have an opportunity and obligation to go to the polls Tuesday, Dec. 14 in what could be the most significant special election in the history of this state. They will be called upon at that time to authorize the seven-county Central Utah Water Conservancy District to sign a… Continue reading Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project

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Ferraro Could Liven up Senate

Biographical material on Geraldine Ferraro published in connection with her nomination as Democratic candidate for vice president brought out this personality sidelight: She is witty and loves to laugh. Mention of that trait reminded me of a feature article on the “lighter side of Congress” which I wrote in February 1980 as a Scripps League… Continue reading Ferraro Could Liven up Senate

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The Canning Lid Shortage

There’s obviously more heat than light concerning the shortage of canning lids. The lid manufacturing companies apparently are producing at a brisk pace – on an around-the-clock basis in some instances – but simply cannot keep up with the swollen demand. This is the Herald’s observation after a series of contacts with manufacturers, wholesalers and retail… Continue reading The Canning Lid Shortage