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Congress Prints Local Items

Congress, that august body of legislators entrusted with the serious business of lawmaking at the national level, is known to let its hair down occasionally and indulge in good-natured fun, ribbing, or pointed “politicking.” This might include barbed volleys across the political party aisle. It can also include such antics as an impromptu sham debate… Continue reading Congress Prints Local Items

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Americans Can Help Reagan

What can the average American do to help in the economic recovery President Ronald Reagan envisions? The Washingtonian Magazine asked the President that question – and published his rather-detailed answer, which was reproduced in a recent issue of the Congressional Record. Reagan called on the American People to support the program and go forward in… Continue reading Americans Can Help Reagan

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Canal Vote in Retrospect

It didn’t seem to matter that an obvious majority of Americans opposed the Panama Canal giveaway. (Mail to Washington was overwhelmingly against the treaties). The Senate proceeded anyway to vote 68-32, barely the two-thirds majority required, to ratify the proposal to transfer the canal to Panama in the year 2000. It didn’t seem to matter… Continue reading Canal Vote in Retrospect

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Let’s Have RoII Call Vote – On Federal Pay Issue

If leaders in Congress are really serious about a new much-publicized ethics program they will veer away from a backdoor salary boost for top federal officials and decree a congressional vote on the controversial proposition. This is something they apparently aren’t planning to do. Washington reports say neither house of Congress plans action before the… Continue reading Let’s Have RoII Call Vote – On Federal Pay Issue