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Congressional Pay Raise

ln 1965 congressional salaries were raised from $22,-500 to $30,000 – and four years ago there was a 41 per cent jump to $42,500. Now a new proposal in process would give congress members and some other officials salary increases reportedly in the neighborhood of $10,000 a year. Obviously rising living costs affect congressmen as well as everyone else. But are such massive salary increases justified?… Continue reading Congressional Pay Raise

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Getting C-U Project Back On Track After Carter Veto

We cannot quarrel with President Carter’s resolve to do something about unnecessary spending and inflation – he deserves support in this. But we think he erred badly in his choice of a place to make a stand – veto of the $10.2 billion public works bill, which the House sustained, lacking 53 votes for the two-thirds… Continue reading Getting C-U Project Back On Track After Carter Veto

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Canal Vote in Retrospect

It didn’t seem to matter that an obvious majority of Americans opposed the Panama Canal giveaway. (Mail to Washington was overwhelmingly against the treaties). The Senate proceeded anyway to vote 68-32, barely the two-thirds majority required, to ratify the proposal to transfer the canal to Panama in the year 2000. It didn’t seem to matter… Continue reading Canal Vote in Retrospect

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Let’s Have RoII Call Vote – On Federal Pay Issue

If leaders in Congress are really serious about a new much-publicized ethics program they will veer away from a backdoor salary boost for top federal officials and decree a congressional vote on the controversial proposition. This is something they apparently aren’t planning to do. Washington reports say neither house of Congress plans action before the… Continue reading Let’s Have RoII Call Vote – On Federal Pay Issue