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Cleveland, Only ‘Split’ President

Grover Cleveland, who was born 147 years ago on March 18, holds two unique distinctions among American presidents: He was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms (1885-89 and 1893-97) and the only president married in the White House. Cleveland, previously mayor of Buffalo and governor of New York, was elected the 22nd president in… Continue reading Cleveland, Only ‘Split’ President

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Most Want Prayer in Schools

Combining imagination with reality for a moment, suppose that Washington, D.C., were destroyed by a natural catastrophe or act of war and that archaeologists of a latter millennium found such inscriptions as the following amid ruins of government buildings and memorials: “In God We Trust,” on a wall in the Senate chamber of the Capitol.… Continue reading Most Want Prayer in Schools

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Recalling Lincoln’s Pithy Sayings

It has been 175 years since Abraham Lincoln was born in a Kentucky cabin, Feb. 12, 1809. Indeed nearly 119 years have passed since his years as America’s 16th president were abruptly ended by the tragic assassination at Ford’s Theatre. But Lincoln’s imprint still lingers in the legacy of his resolve and leadership to reunify… Continue reading Recalling Lincoln’s Pithy Sayings

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Quiz on Presidents Of United States

Any quiz on American presidents surely would carry the question: Which president was the oldest upon assuming office? The answer, of course, is Ronald Reagan, inaugurated Jan 20, 1981 at 69. He turns 73 today Feb. 6. Now that he’s officially a candidate for re-election, Reagan has a chance at stretching the age distinction by four years. Before Reagan became… Continue reading Quiz on Presidents Of United States

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Paris Treaty Bicentennial Noted

It was a bicentennial that sparked little or no fanfare, but one certainly worthy of remembrance. We’re alluding to the 200th anniversary of the Jan. 14, 1784. ratification by Congress of the “final Treaty of Paris” which officially ended the Revolutionary War. Actually congressional endorsement was more or less a formality. But it had its place… Continue reading Paris Treaty Bicentennial Noted