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Congressional Pay Raise

ln 1965 congressional salaries were raised from $22,-500 to $30,000 – and four years ago there was a 41 per cent jump to $42,500. Now a new proposal in process would give congress members and some other officials salary increases reportedly in the neighborhood of $10,000 a year. Obviously rising living costs affect congressmen as well as everyone else. But are such massive salary increases justified?… Continue reading Congressional Pay Raise

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President Used to Make $25,000

How much do we pay our U. S. president? Assuming this should be of more than passing interest during the election campaign, let’s review presidential salaries from 1789 to the present. George Washington, the first of 39 men to hold the office, received $25,000 per annum. Today, under the 1969 salary law passed by Congress, the pay is $200,000. Extensive… Continue reading President Used to Make $25,000