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Help Make the Decision

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With 12 candidates in the race for two offices to be filled in Provo’s municipal election this fall, the citizens have a definite choice when they go to the polls in Tuesday’s primary. Nine candidates are in the race for city commissioner; four are running for city auditor. Only the voters of Provo are involved in the primary. A different set of election laws governs Provo since it is the only city of the second class in the county.
The Third Class Cities generally determine who their city council candidates will be at nominating primaries or conventions. Voters in these communities go to the polls only once, November 4. Most cities and towns already have held their nominating conventions. The deadline for these is Tuesday, October 7. 0rem’s political parties have their meetings scheduled that night. Provo voters face a special challenge tomorrow in getting out to the polls in sizable numbers.
The campaigning period has been short and quiet. The election being non-partisan, it doesn’t have the benefit of the political whoop-de-do that accompanies state and national elections. Nevertheless, voters of the city should not get the idea this election isn’t important. If your favorite candidate doesn’t get on the ballot for the November 4 election, it will be because his backers didn’t vote in the primary in sufficient numbers.
Persons elected to the city commission wield a bigger influence over the lives of the local citizens than those many folks might think. The property tax levy, police and fire protection, water and sewer projects, electrical power, passing and administration of local ordinances, street projects, industrial growth – these and many other activities important in the community’s everyday life are administered or influenced by the city officials.
The Herald urges you to go to the polls Tuesday. The voting chore: a duty as well as privilege, will take only a few minutes of your time. Your job will be to cast a vote for your favorite city commission candidate and one for auditor candidate. The two candidates for each post who get the most votes Tuesday will go on the ballot for the November vote. Make sure that you have a hand in making that selection.