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Pulling For Mark

There is sadness among members of the Herald family. One of our number, part-time staff photographer Mark L. Rigtrup, is in the Holy Cross hospital fighting for his life, after a highway accident. He was hit by an automobile while doing his job – taking pictures of the wreckage of a three-car smashup in which a Provo girl… Continue reading Pulling For Mark

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Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

Utah County shares one of the touching stories of the Vietnam War – the sacrifice and long wait of families of men “missing in action.” Families of six missing Air Force and Marine Corps men reside here. Two of the men are missing in North Vietnam, two in South Vietnam, and two in Laos. None… Continue reading Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

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Honoring Chris, True Son of U.S.A.

This Article was written by Dick Harmon, and is recreated here because it is ABOUT Chris, not BY him. With his pinstriped suit coat draped over a side chair, he sits in the corner of the newsroom. Concentration centered on a piece of copy conspicously poised electronically on a video screen, he pushs a button… Continue reading Honoring Chris, True Son of U.S.A.

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From Very Humble Beginnings

B. E. (Bye) Jensen’s career in newspapering amounts to a notable success story in which he rose from a humble beginning in advertising to become first vice president of Scripps League Newspapers, Inc. Jensen died suddenly last Saturday of heart failure at age 60. Scripps League has newspapers in 16 states from Vermont and Florida… Continue reading From Very Humble Beginnings

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Delta Arts-Literacy Section Honors Two Local Residents

The Delta Arts-Literary Section of the Women’s Council of Provo will hold its annual Honor Night on Wednesday at the Women’s Cultural Center, 310 W. 500 N., Provo. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. Honored will be N. LaVerl Christensen, former editor of “The Daily Herald,” (now Editor Emeritus), and Mrs. Ora Burrup, past… Continue reading Delta Arts-Literacy Section Honors Two Local Residents