Local Issues, Strikes

The ‘WiIdcat’ Phone Strike

There ought to be a better way to go, in registering dissatisfaction with at tentative contract settlement than a “wildcat strike.” About 400 employees of Mountain Bell Telephone and Western Electric Co., staged a short wildcat strike Wednesday to protest a three-year tentative labor-management contract accepted by the Communications Workers of America. Picket lines were… Continue reading The ‘WiIdcat’ Phone Strike

Civic Responsibility, Environment

Santa Barbara Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen Here

Recent rains eased fire danger temporarily on the Central Utah ranges and forests – but the potential hazard is still there and extreme care should be used in guarding against fire outbreaks. “While the rains helped, a good hot afternoon can put us right back where we were,” noted Floyd A. Lundell of Benjamin, county… Continue reading Santa Barbara Tragedy – Don’t Let It Happen Here

Crime, Local Issues

State Hospital Investigation

The Utah State Hospital has been the center of a smoldering controversy for several months. Now the Utah Legislative Social Services Interim Study Committee has passed a motion asking the attorney general to investigate possible malfeasance and misappropriation of funds at the Provo institution. Dr. Roger S. Kiger, superintendent, quickly welcomed the investigation and said… Continue reading State Hospital Investigation