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Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

So we’ve entered a new decade! High hopes for happiness and prosperity are mingled with concerns over inflation, energy shortages, and other economic problems as we turn from the 70’s and advance into a new 10-year span. There are other concerns too, as war clouds gather in parts of the world. The Soviet Union is… Continue reading Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

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The Canning Lid Shortage

There’s obviously more heat than light concerning the shortage of canning lids. The lid manufacturing companies apparently are producing at a brisk pace – on an around-the-clock basis in some instances – but simply cannot keep up with the swollen demand. This is the Herald’s observation after a series of contacts with manufacturers, wholesalers and retail… Continue reading The Canning Lid Shortage

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How’s Interstate Coming?

A lot of folks seem to think the Interstate highway system here in Utah and across the country is about finished. Like the report of Mark Twain’s demise, that impression is somewhat exaggerated. Yet, the massive national road project is well-advanced. As of Sept. 30, 1974, work had either been completed or was under way… Continue reading How’s Interstate Coming?

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Drug Abuse Problem in Valley

Evidence continues to mount that we in Utah Valley – like other areas of the state and nation – have a serious drug abuse problem. It’s a problem that can neither be swept under the rug nor solved simply and quickly. Definitely it can’t be left strictly up to the law enforcement officers. These men are trying, but they need your support. They need your support in… Continue reading Drug Abuse Problem in Valley