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How many presidents have visited Provo?

Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey’s Oct. 21 visit prompts these questions: How many United States presidents have visited in Provo and Utah County? How many vice presidents? We’re not so sure about the vice presidents. Richard Nixon was here for a speech at Brigham Young University Oct. 17, 1958 while he was vice president to Pres.… Continue reading How many presidents have visited Provo?

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Mount Charming by Any Name

Let’s take a few minutes to get better acquainted with a storied and many-named mountain, part of the Wasatch Range which rims Utah Valley. I refer to the green, forested landmark mountain fronting the valley between Maple and Spanish Fork Canyons, easterly from cities of Mapleton and Spanish Fork. Father Escalante named it Sierra Bonita (mountain beautiful)… Continue reading Mount Charming by Any Name

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Gratitude Still in Style

It’s Thanksgiving Day – and Americans throughout the world will pause to express thanks and commemorate the occasion in traditional U.S. style. In recent times, the enlargement of the Christmas shopping season has threatened to engulf Thanksgiving. Indeed, Yule decorations often are in place and Santa Claus has made his initial bow well before the… Continue reading Gratitude Still in Style

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Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

Oh beautiful for pilgrim feet Whose stern impassioned stress A thoroughfare of freedom beat Across the wilderness These words from the second stanza of Katherine Lee Bates’ patriotic song “America the Beautiful” seem to catch the pulse and beat and spirit of the pioneers of this country’s frontiers. Miss Bates, a native of Massachusetts and late… Continue reading Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

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Two Provo Tabernacles TeII 100-Year History

The historic Provo Tabernacle is approaching a milestone – the centennial of the start of its construction in the spring of 1883. And off the press in time to herald the anniversary will be a new book entitled, “Provo’s Two Tabernacles and the People Who Built Them.” The 200-page volume illustrated by more than 70 pictures is… Continue reading Two Provo Tabernacles TeII 100-Year History

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129th Provo Anniversary

What will the next 10, 25, 50, or 100 years bring for Provo? This question might be pondered, particularly by persons interested in future growth, as the city marks its 129th birthday anniversary. Yesterday was the anniversary date. It will be commemorated officially Wednesday by the Senior Citizens and the Sons and Daughters of the… Continue reading 129th Provo Anniversary

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We Remember The Alamo

The Alamo at San Antonio Tex.,. ancient mission-fort now a historic shrine, was in the news last week when three self-styled “revolutionaries” scaled its walls and hauled- down American and Texas flags. The incident ended as police arrested the trio while an angry crowd of 200 shouted “Get them down!” You couldn’l blame Texans (or… Continue reading We Remember The Alamo