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Mom Has Her Place

The mothers we honor this day have earned their places through service and sacrifice and years of devotion. The biological process of reproduction is the same for all women but it takes a good deal more to be initiated into that noble sorority of motherhood. it lakes a combination of qualities – some which may… Continue reading Mom Has Her Place

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Home-and-Family Month

The period Thanksgiving – to – Christmas is designated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles as “Home and Family Month.” “Give thanks to the Lord for home and family, for friends and neighbors, for parents who share and children who care,” says an Eagles’ poster message distributed locally. This is a month also when churches… Continue reading Home-and-Family Month

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Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

Utah County shares one of the touching stories of the Vietnam War – the sacrifice and long wait of families of men “missing in action.” Families of six missing Air Force and Marine Corps men reside here. Two of the men are missing in North Vietnam, two in South Vietnam, and two in Laos. None… Continue reading Families of 6 Men Missing in Action Continue Long Wait For Word

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Prayer before sports events worthwhile

A federal judge has upheld an Atlanta, Ga. High School senior’s claim that pre-game prayers at school football games are unconstitutional. “The court grants plaintiffs request for a judgment declaring pre-game invocations at Douglas County High School football games unconstitutional,” said the decision by U.S. District Judge Ernest Tidwell. The case arose last fall when… Continue reading Prayer before sports events worthwhile

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Sobering Situation With World of Hope

Thanksgiving, a cherished American holiday, comes this year amid hopes for a safer and more peaceful world in the wake of U.S.-Soviet talks at Geneva. But solutions to arms race issues remain elusive for the present and serious differences continue to feed strife in several regional trouble spots around the globe. Deaths and suffering from catastrophes such… Continue reading Sobering Situation With World of Hope

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Most Want Prayer in Schools

Combining imagination with reality for a moment, suppose that Washington, D.C., were destroyed by a natural catastrophe or act of war and that archaeologists of a latter millennium found such inscriptions as the following amid ruins of government buildings and memorials: “In God We Trust,” on a wall in the Senate chamber of the Capitol.… Continue reading Most Want Prayer in Schools

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Devoted City Official

To know Ray Murdock was to share his friendship – and today has many, many friends mourn his death following a two-month illness and multiple surgeries. Mr. Murdock, immediate past Provo City commissioner, served eight years in the post before retiring from politics a year ago. It was in this period that he became best… Continue reading Devoted City Official

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Curb Crime Show Viewing

Henry J. Taylor, distinguished syndicated writer whose column appears regularly in the Herald, declares that “sadly, television plays an important part” in the climbing crime statistics across the country. Mr. Taylor – winner of many awards for philosophy, literature, science and patriotism – calls television the “third parent” in the home and says that during… Continue reading Curb Crime Show Viewing

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Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show

This is the Herald’s annual admonition to those who like outdoor beauty: Don’t miss seeing the colored canyons. Some people say the kodachrome colors of autumn aren’t as spectacular thus far as in some years; others may disagree; but most will concede the mountain vegetation represents quite a site! When the color intensity will peak,… Continue reading Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show