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Stop Crime Before It Starts

Another civic club has joined inĀ the campaign to “safeguardĀ against crime.” The Kiwanis Clubs are urging people to protect their homes and families by conscientiously work-ing to “stop crime before it starts.” These are specific suggestions: Double check the identity of callers you don’t know. Install deadbolt locks on out-side doors. Avoid dark streets at night.… Continue reading Stop Crime Before It Starts

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State Hospital Investigation

The Utah State Hospital has been the center of a smouldering Controversy for several months. Now the Utah Legislative Social Services Interim Study Commit- tee has passed a motion asking the attorney general to in- vestigate possible mallcasance and misappropriation of Iunds at the Provo institution. Dr. Roger S. Kiger. superinten- dent, quickly welcomed the… Continue reading State Hospital Investigation

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U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence

A warning by two United States officials of the activities of Soviet-backed Cuba in supporting violence and insurgencies in the Caribbean and latin America should not go unneeded. ‘ Addressing the Subcommittee on westem Hemisphere Affairs of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in Mid- Decmeber. Assistant Secretary of State Thomas Enders said Cuba is… Continue reading U.S. officials note growth of Cuban-backed violence

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The internment issue

A controversial World War II chapter — internment of nearly 120,000 west coast Japanese-Americans and 1,000 Alaskan aleuts some 38 years ago — is in the process of being reopened. Two anticipated actions in Washington will implement legislation passed by congress last summer: – Appointment of a seven-member study commission to review the episode and… Continue reading The internment issue

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Prayer before sports events worthwhile

A federal judge has upheld an Atlanta, Ga. High School senior’s claim that pre-game prayers at school football games are unconstitutional. “The court grants plaintiffs request for a judgment declaring pre-game invocations at Douglas County High School football games unconstitutional,” said the decision by U.S. District Judge Ernest Tidwell. The case arose last fall when… Continue reading Prayer before sports events worthwhile

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‘Ashton Tower’ Has a Long, Distinguished History

If you’re new in Provo you might wonder about the brick smokestack near the heart of the city with ”Ashton’s Chevrolet Buick” inscribed in larger vertical letters. The smokeless stack is a vestige from the historic Woolen Mills, once Provo’s largest industry which operated for 60 years on the First West-Second West block between First… Continue reading ‘Ashton Tower’ Has a Long, Distinguished History