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Prayer before sports events worthwhile

A federal judge has upheld an Atlanta, Ga. High School senior’s claim that pre-game prayers at school football games are unconstitutional. “The court grants plaintiffs request for a judgment declaring pre-game invocations at Douglas County High School football games unconstitutional,” said the decision by U.S. District Judge Ernest Tidwell. The case arose last fall when… Continue reading Prayer before sports events worthwhile

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Reflections on Our Great Country

As we mark Independence Day 1984, let take a few minutes to reflect on what happened July 1, 1776 – also on some other dates and events significant in America’s birth of freedom. On the Fourth, the Continental (Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia. (The building in which the lawmakers sat received the… Continue reading Reflections on Our Great Country

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Fascinating Tale of Archives

It has been called “the nation’s memory.” It preserves and makes available for research historically valuable records of the federal government. Three billion documents, beginning with papers of the Continental Congress, are entrusted to its care. Such is the National Archives – a half-century old this month – headquartered in an imposing neo-classical style building… Continue reading Fascinating Tale of Archives

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Most Want Prayer in Schools

Combining imagination with reality for a moment, suppose that Washington, D.C., were destroyed by a natural catastrophe or act of war and that archaeologists of a latter millennium found such inscriptions as the following amid ruins of government buildings and memorials: “In God We Trust,” on a wall in the Senate chamber of the Capitol.… Continue reading Most Want Prayer in Schools

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Canal Vote in Retrospect

It didn’t seem to matter that an obvious majority of Americans opposed the Panama Canal giveaway. (Mail to Washington was overwhelmingly against the treaties). The Senate proceeded anyway to vote 68-32, barely the two-thirds majority required, to ratify the proposal to transfer the canal to Panama in the year 2000. It didn’t seem to matter… Continue reading Canal Vote in Retrospect

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Cool ‘Impeachment Hysteria’

It’s time for Americans to call a moratorium on the “resignation or impeachment hysteria” and give President Nixon a chance to govern¬†with full effectiveness. When and if the judicial process, in the multi-layer investigation now proceeding, comes up with proof of an impeachable offense, then there’ll be plenty of time for public clamor. In the… Continue reading Cool ‘Impeachment Hysteria’