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A Pitifully Light vote

Voters in the Alpine District in the north part of Utah County gave one-sided approval to a $12 million building bond issue in Tuesday’s special election. The ratio in favor was about 5 to 1. Obviously the growing district needs the school expansion program projected in the years ahead as the bond money becomes available.… Continue reading A Pitifully Light vote

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UEA Strike Deplored – Upgrade Education–But by ‘Due Process’

Across Utah today there is confusion and frustration, As the two-day Utah Education Association-called school teacher strike took effect, parents, children and general public were inconvenienced-and considerably bewildered. Go to school? Stay home? One-day recess? No days? The situation began to clarify somewhat late Sunday as most of Utah’s 40 school districts backed the resolution of the… Continue reading UEA Strike Deplored – Upgrade Education–But by ‘Due Process’

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Prayer before sports events worthwhile

A federal judge has upheld an Atlanta, Ga. High School senior’s claim that pre-game prayers at school football games are unconstitutional. “The court grants plaintiffs request for a judgment declaring pre-game invocations at Douglas County High School football games unconstitutional,” said the decision by U.S. District Judge Ernest Tidwell. The case arose last fall when… Continue reading Prayer before sports events worthwhile

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Most Want Prayer in Schools

Combining imagination with reality for a moment, suppose that Washington, D.C., were destroyed by a natural catastrophe or act of war and that archaeologists of a latter millennium found such inscriptions as the following amid ruins of government buildings and memorials: “In God We Trust,” on a wall in the Senate chamber of the Capitol.… Continue reading Most Want Prayer in Schools

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Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

So we’ve entered a new decade! High hopes for happiness and prosperity are mingled with concerns over inflation, energy shortages, and other economic problems as we turn from the 70’s and advance into a new 10-year span. There are other concerns too, as war clouds gather in parts of the world. The Soviet Union is… Continue reading Growth, Change: They’re Perpetual Watchwords

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Alpine School Bond Vote

Alpine School District’s proposed $12 million bond election, slated Oct. 4., raises some questions for the citizenry and school board to ponder. Apparently the money is needed, or will be needed as bonding capacity increases, judging by the superintendent’s report of population growth. Priorities have been established for new elementary schools in Orem and American… Continue reading Alpine School Bond Vote

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In Oaks Testimony – College Curbs Opposed

Brigham Young University’s president, Dr. Dallin H. Oaks, got in some good licks against growing federal encroachment in the field of higher education when he testified Tuesday before a congressional committee in Washington. Charging that independence of private schools is threatened and that diversity disappears as control emerges, President Oaks appeared before the Post Secondary… Continue reading In Oaks Testimony – College Curbs Opposed