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In Economic Crisis Accent the Positive

With President Ford and elements of Congress in confrontation over anti-inflation and anti-recession moves, it’s hard for the layman here in Utah (and probably anywhere else) to know exactly who’s right and what program will best serve the nation’s interests. But one thing seems apparent: The people of this country need to abandon the crying towel,… Continue reading In Economic Crisis Accent the Positive

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Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

Oh beautiful for pilgrim feet Whose stern impassioned stress A thoroughfare of freedom beat Across the wilderness These words from the second stanza of Katherine Lee Bates’ patriotic song “America the Beautiful” seem to catch the pulse and beat and spirit of the pioneers of this country’s frontiers. Miss Bates, a native of Massachusetts and late… Continue reading Pioneer Day in Utah – ‘Oh Beautiful for Pilgrim Feet

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We Remember The Alamo

The Alamo at San Antonio Tex.,. ancient mission-fort now a historic shrine, was in the news last week when three self-styled “revolutionaries” scaled its walls and hauled- down American and Texas flags. The incident ended as police arrested the trio while an angry crowd of 200 shouted “Get them down!” You couldn’l blame Texans (or… Continue reading We Remember The Alamo

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Bicentennial of National Bird this year

There’s an eagle in your life and you have a current opportunity to get better acquainted with it. We refer to the American bald eagle mfthebicentennialofltsselecuonas national bird by the Continental Congress June 20, 1782. This being the 200 anniversary, it’s appropriate that Congress and the President have designated the 20th of June 1982 as… Continue reading Bicentennial of National Bird this year


Big Flags Underscore Spirit

It is more patriotic to fly a giant American Flag than one of conventional size? The town council of Boone, N.C, didn’t think so when it prescribed maximum sizes for city, county, state and national flags as part of its signs ordinance adopted in April, 1980. But in the face of a developing public furor,… Continue reading Big Flags Underscore Spirit

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Origin of Sweet, Sad Taps Sound

The sweet but sad bugle call known as Taps employs only four separate notes and there are only 24 notes in the entire composition – but its plaintive strains continue to tug at heartstrings after 122 years. Taps is sounded at patriotic Veterans and Memorial Day services and at flag-lowering and “lights out” ceremonies in… Continue reading Origin of Sweet, Sad Taps Sound

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Honoring Their Sacrifice. Stones Present a History

By N. LA VERL CHRISTENSEN Until the storied “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918, the battle lines in France shook with the roar of cannons. But at that hour the guns ceased firing. A general armistice between the Allies and Germany went into effect. Terms of the peace had… Continue reading Honoring Their Sacrifice. Stones Present a History