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A Pitifully Light vote

Voters in the Alpine District in the north part of Utah County gave one-sided approval to a $12 million building bond issue in Tuesday’s special election. The ratio in favor was about 5 to 1. Obviously the growing district needs the school expansion program projected in the years ahead as the bond money becomes available.… Continue reading A Pitifully Light vote

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Shelve House Bill 102

Geneva Works in Utah County plays an important role in supplying the western tin market. That role stands to be substantially reduced if legislation introduced in the Utah House of Representatives is passed. The measure (H.B. 102) appears well-meaning from the standpoint of a clean environment, but it is ill conceived in the light of… Continue reading Shelve House Bill 102

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In Economic Crisis Accent the Positive

With President Ford and elements of Congress in confrontation over anti-inflation and anti-recession moves, it’s hard for the layman here in Utah (and probably anywhere else) to know exactly who’s right and what program will best serve the nation’s interests. But one thing seems apparent: The people of this country need to abandon the crying towel,… Continue reading In Economic Crisis Accent the Positive

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Industrial Growth Praised

Industrial growth, jobs, and payrolls. These continue important in the development of Central Utah’s economy. Thank goodness there are people who recognize the need for continued expansion and are lending a hand to natural processes in fostering such growth. We’re speaking, of course, of UVIDA (Utah Valley Industrial Development Association) which held its 10th annual… Continue reading Industrial Growth Praised

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President Used to Make $25,000

How much do we pay our U. S. president? Assuming this should be of more than passing interest during the election campaign, let’s review presidential salaries from 1789 to the present. George Washington, the first of 39 men to hold the office, received $25,000 per annum. Today, under the 1969 salary law passed by Congress, the pay is $200,000. Extensive… Continue reading President Used to Make $25,000

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‘Ashton Tower’ Has a Long, Distinguished History

If you’re new in Provo you might wonder about the brick smokestack near the heart of the city with ”Ashton’s Chevrolet Buick” inscribed in larger vertical letters. The smokeless stack is a vestige from the historic Woolen Mills, once Provo’s largest industry which operated for 60 years on the First West-Second West block between First… Continue reading ‘Ashton Tower’ Has a Long, Distinguished History

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Americans Can Help Reagan

What can the average American do to help in the economic recovery President Ronald Reagan envisions? The Washingtonian Magazine asked the President that question – and published his rather-detailed answer, which was reproduced in a recent issue of the Congressional Record. Reagan called on the American People to support the program and go forward in… Continue reading Americans Can Help Reagan