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129th Provo Anniversary

What will the next 10, 25, 50, or 100 years bring for Provo? This question might be pondered, particularly by persons interested in future growth, as the city marks its 129th birthday anniversary. Yesterday was the anniversary date. It will be commemorated officially Wednesday by the Senior Citizens and the Sons and Daughters of the… Continue reading 129th Provo Anniversary

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Odds Are Against It

Given the vagaries of the American electoral system. it’s still possible the Nov. 4 presidential election could wind up in the House of Representatives for a decision. But the odds are against it. The route the Constitution provides when no presidential candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes has been required only twice in… Continue reading Odds Are Against It

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Bicentennial of National Bird this year

There’s an eagle in your life and you have a current opportunity to get better acquainted with it. We refer to the American bald eagle mfthebicentennialofltsselecuonas national bird by the Continental Congress June 20, 1782. This being the 200 anniversary, it’s appropriate that Congress and the President have designated the 20th of June 1982 as… Continue reading Bicentennial of National Bird this year

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The internment issue

A controversial World War II chapter — internment of nearly 120,000 west coast Japanese-Americans and 1,000 Alaskan aleuts some 38 years ago — is in the process of being reopened. Two anticipated actions in Washington will implement legislation passed by congress last summer: – Appointment of a seven-member study commission to review the episode and… Continue reading The internment issue

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Sobering Situation With World of Hope

Thanksgiving, a cherished American holiday, comes this year amid hopes for a safer and more peaceful world in the wake of U.S.-Soviet talks at Geneva. But solutions to arms race issues remain elusive for the present and serious differences continue to feed strife in several regional trouble spots around the globe. Deaths and suffering from catastrophes such… Continue reading Sobering Situation With World of Hope