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Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project

(EDITORIAL) Taxpaying voters of Utah County – and in six other counties – have an opportunity and obligation to go to the polls Tuesday, Dec. 14 in what could be the most significant special election in the history of this state. They will be called upon at that time to authorize the seven-county Central Utah Water Conservancy District to sign a… Continue reading Your Ballot Needed – Vital Vote On Water Project

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Honoring Their Sacrifice. Stones Present a History

By N. LA VERL CHRISTENSEN Until the storied “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” in 1918, the battle lines in France shook with the roar of cannons. But at that hour the guns ceased firing. A general armistice between the Allies and Germany went into effect. Terms of the peace had… Continue reading Honoring Their Sacrifice. Stones Present a History

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The Canning Lid Shortage

There’s obviously more heat than light concerning the shortage of canning lids. The lid manufacturing companies apparently are producing at a brisk pace – on an around-the-clock basis in some instances – but simply cannot keep up with the swollen demand. This is the Herald’s observation after a series of contacts with manufacturers, wholesalers and retail… Continue reading The Canning Lid Shortage

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Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show

This is the Herald’s annual admonition to those who like outdoor beauty: Don’t miss seeing the colored canyons. Some people say the kodachrome colors of autumn aren’t as spectacular thus far as in some years; others may disagree; but most will concede the mountain vegetation represents quite a site! When the color intensity will peak,… Continue reading Colored Canyons – Nature’s Autumn Show

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Our ‘Trashy Film’ Controversy

Periodically people here in Utah Valley raise their voice and take pen in hand to protest socalled trashy movies which are saturated with sex, violence and sordid situations. The issue is kicked around a bit, then dies with little or no action and no results. Few would deny that many moving pictures fall into this category. But too few people… Continue reading Our ‘Trashy Film’ Controversy